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Mebius 37 - 40 Short-Short Summaries (Bad Rhyme Edition)

So I was too bored I made more of the bad rhyme thing anyway. (Just finished watching these episodes with subs in Engrish (EDIT: Natch, there actually is a site devoted to this, and I didn't even know it originally refers to those cute English the Japanese use; hey, I wonder if anyone is coming back to read this two month old entry). The bootleggers seriously tried to cut cost; they used free Chinese fansub downloads and simply put Engrish subs over them. And they were either careless or didn't care that they didn't have a clean version for thirty-nine. (Good thing I will buy the R2 soon.)) Cut because of spoilers (though I wondered if these were really spoilers).

"Ultra Papa"

Cute Brat yelled at Papa

Cute Brat yelled at Human Mebi

Three-Faced stunned Mebi

Ultra Papa stunned Three-Faced

"Fish Guy"

Flying Monster struck Mebi

Fish Guy saved Mebi

Flying Monster almost struck Fish Guy

Mebi saved Fish Guy

"Invincible Mama"

Serpent Invader possessed Invincible Mama

Serpent Invader controlled Invincible Mama

Invincible Mama controlled Serpent Invader

"Plant Guy"

Plant Guy tried to attack Woman

Human Mebi tried to attack Plant Guy

Lonely Girl helped Plant Guy

Plant Guy helped Lonely Girl

I'm *finally* downloading Mebius 47. Hopefully it'll be done by morning.

::Off for the night, which is shorter by one hour (XP did change the time, otherwise I would have forgotten)::
Tags: bad rhymes, hk dvds, ultraman mebius
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