Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
Nikki's Corner

Fillers, Fillers on My Mind

I was reading episode 48 summary at sugarsugarrune and this somewhat relevant topic came up in some of the replies, but I don't want to spam that entry with my rambling, so here's my thought on filler episodes.

I believe Sugar Sugar Rune (anime version anyway, manga is probably different) or mahou shoujo series in general is made for really young girls, so fillers are necessary. The little kids wouldn't be too interested in long, story-based arcs (well, the arc that just ended was as long as it was going to get and even this arc had some breaks within it). For me, I have mixed feelings about the use of fillers in this show, since it does get repetitive and annoying (you hear that, Waffle?) after a while watching filler episodes one after another. Probably because I'm not really their intended audience but then I don't usually have a problem with fillers in some other magical girl series. Weird.
Tags: anime, series: sugar sugar rune
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