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Various Ultraman Songs

Since I've uploaded all these Ultraman songs, I decide to put them up here too. Please feel free to take any of them.

Ultraman Cosmos:

Project DMM - Eclipse

Project DMM - Just A Hero

Project DMM - Never Stop Dreams

Project DMM - Touch The Fire

Ultraman Nexus:

Ultraman Nexus OST 1 (.zip)

(Long tracklist, so I link it off a backdated entry.)

Ultraman Max:

TEAM DASH with Project DMM - Ultraman Max OP (Full Version)

Project DMM - NO LIMITED (Comes with the Ultraman Max OP.)

Ultraman Mebius:
(The first two were already posted somewhere on this journal.)

Kiyoshi - Mirai (Mebius movie ending theme)

Kiyoshi - Believe (plays during Mebius movie)

Project DMM - HEROES!

Project DMM - Ultra's Miracle

Project DMM - Ultraman Mebius OP (Full Version)

Run through! ~Wandaba "CREW GUYS"~

Project DMM - An oath to you (plays during the last part of Mebius 35)

Unfortunately, none of these are my rips (and I don't have any idea who to credit). I'm planning to buy some of the CDs, however, especially for the Mebius songs.

Questions? Links not working or whatever, please let me know.

Enjoy either way.
Tags: download, songs, ultraman cosmos, ultraman max, ultraman mebius, ultraman nexus
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