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Garo TV Series (I just have to get this off my chest)

(I wrote this last year but somehow forgot to post it, which is the reason there is no mention of the Beast of the White Night Specials.)

Okay, this show is over some time ago. I'm not currently rewatching it. But I do like the show.

That said, a Garo episode was essentially a 25 minute long toy commercial. Look at how many toys were planned and already released. At the heart, it is about style (gothic feel), not any deep story telling. That is not a bad thing in itself if the viewers were at least entertained in those 25 minutes (I was). In its early run (about first ten episodes or so), it was particularly repetitive, with the "monster of the week" format, although there was a sequel (episode 21, which I thought was particularly well-done) to one of those episodes. But the viewers began to see more and more mystery unfolded in the episodes in their teens. I believe most of the mystery was explained in episode 22 (with 3 more episodes to go for the final battles). By the time the last episode rolled around, most of the loose ends had been nicely tied up.

Garo does have a story, abeit a simple one. It doesn't have a complicated plot or mystery piled on after mystery that only gets partially explained in the course of the story or never really explained at all until the final episode (I don't have any specific series in mind, these are just hypothetical examples). To sum it up in a few words, a cold, unfeeling man is made to feel again through the power of love (sounds corny the way I present it, but that's the best I could come up with). I'm happy to say that this premise is totally believable because of the sharp contrast between the main character the viewers were first introduced to and the main character the viewers saw in the final episode -- he still retained his aloofness, but he became more human, and much more sympethetic. (In my opinion, the other characters merely overcame their obstacles/problems, their characteristic/personalities didn't seem to change, or not as much as Kouga had in any rate.) Personally, I prefer the straight forward story telling of Garo. I watched the show to relax, not to think too deeply about fictional characters that live only about 25 minutes a week. (I paraphrase this last part from a comment I've seen from somewhere, sorry can't remember where or whom I took it from.)

Moving on...
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