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I'm still alive, and an update that no one probably cares about.

Here are quick updates on anime I watch or don't watch:

Sugar Sugar Rune ended back in July last year.  I did finished the series but it isn't high on my rewatch list.  Not really a surprise, since I only started watching it in the first place because Ryousei Konishi (formerly Hiroki Konishi) was doing Pierre's voice. 

As for School Rumble Season 2, another anime that Konishi did voice for (Karasuma), I stopped watching it like around episode 9, partly from a lack of good English subtitles around that time (I missed most of the jokes if I watched it raw).  This show might be picked up again, but not any time in the near future. 

Nana is dropped indefinitely after episode 8.  I don't really know why the anime didn't appeal to me; I do like the manga though. 

The last episode of Suzumiya Haruhi I watched was the school festival episode.  I don't remember having a real complaint with this show but it is the sort of anime that I'm not really that eager to watch the second a new episode comes out.  I would probably finish this since I have come this far and there are only a few episodes left.  (As a side note, Kyon's voice actor is doing a voice in the only anime I currently watch and I totally didn't realize that until I saw a few posts pointing this out.)

Out of 2006 spring anime I watched, only Ouran High School Host Club managed to satisfy me from the beginning to the end.  It is mostly an episodic series, but I like the format.  It means, with a few exceptions, that the episodes can be shown in almost any order and people wouldn't be confused (unlike the episode shuffling done in the other Haruhi series :)  Despite most being stand alone episodes, only a few are fillers. 

The only anime I'm following right now is Fairy Musketeer Akazukin.  This show is filled with cute characters, and the story really appeals to me.  The latest episode has more revelations for certain main characters.  It also has a new ending song (which I think I like more than the second ED), done by same people that did the first ED.

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