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Mirai's rambling to self

Spoilers: If for some reason you come straight to this fic without seeing the cut, please be aware that there are spoilers from episode 21 up. But in general, I wouldn't recommend reading this especially if you only just start watching Ultraman Mebius and prefer to be surprised.



Mirai's rambling to self:

I look down at myself. At my two bare hands. At my two naked, unprotected arms. Flesh and blood. This borrowed body is copied down to the last detail.

But while I can walk down the street, as I'm currently doing, not appearing any different outwardly from any other human, I have no real understanding of the species.

It shouldn't matter. I've always known that my stay on earth is temporary. I'll be leaving soon, much as I would not wish to say goodbye to earth people.

Slowly, I shake my head. I don't exactly miss all humans. For all that our people do love humans, there are specific humans we love more than the rest.

I wouldn't wish to name them, the friends I've made, the friends who have come to mean more to me than I've originally thought. I wouldn't wish to contemplate on the parting that will eventually come to pass.

So in the beginning, I've come to earth, with no clear plan. This form I've taken is almost accidental. I've failed to save him, the courageous human whose face I've seen staring back at me from a mirror everyday. I've thought I did an appropriate thing by visiting this man's father. But he was not pleased. Which is something I still have no satisfactory explanation of until this day. For all that I offered to no longer use his son's appearance, I had no idea what I would be, or whose appearance I would have taken instead.

And then there is curry. It is an earth food I love. I first had it while the six of us were painting the Gun Phoenix. Somehow, from that event, I almost equate curry to the friendship I have formed with the rest of the team.

Yet for a while I was a deceitful friend. I didn't trust them with my true identity. What was I afraid of? I do not understand my cowardice until this day.

I can attempt to give a few reasons, which sound too much like excuses. I didn't wish to see the fear in their eyes, the way they would pull back because I was an alien, so different from them. I neglected to consider that earth people knew of our people, and were not likely to see me as an enemy or as something they could not comprehend. I didn't wish my friends to be captured by the enemy in order to lure me out. I selfishly decided for them, that they would be safer not being burden with my secret.

The matter of revealing my identity was taken from me later on. I shake my head again. That was not strictly the truth. I could still hide, could still ignore Ryu-san's entreaties and ran off to transform out of sight. But I could not bear to see his face, which spoke too much of his disappointment in me. I suppose I am very selfish after all. I could no longer fight my battle without him knowing it was me. I could not leave him thinking I was too afraid that I needed to run away from the enemy.

But that was a tough fight, from start to finish. I do not deceive myself thinking I could win. But I simply had to do something. Even if my efforts were useless. Even if my efforts made no differences. I could not simply walk away, even though I would be dead if Ultraman Taro hadn't arrived in time.

It felt liberating, not having to conceal my identity any longer. And my friends even helped me and were more considerate of my ignorance. I don't mean to imply that they were not considerate before. However, I do believe they thought of me as a human child. Which I cannot deny. Perhaps I was even worse off, since I had been on earth in less time than the young children at Konomi-san's school had.

The earth sun is casting a long shadow of me. It's time to return to base. For once, monsters and aliens, don't come out and ruin my day. I have little time off as it is.

So, here I am, an alien in a borrowed form. I am going to live one day at a time. I will do the best I can for this earth I have come to love. I will learn from my mistakes and ignorances.

And I will somehow contrive to cook curry away from earth.


Author's Note: Just something I wrote in less than an hour. I don't claim to be accurate or even in agreement with a few points made in this little fic. (In other words, if Mirai sounds out of character, he probably is.)

Disclaimer: Mirai (Mebius) isn't my character. I simply borrowed and returned him intact. Not responsible for what I did in between, however.
Tags: fanfic, one shot, short fic, ultraman mebius
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