Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
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Because I have nothing better to do than randomly updating my LJ @ 1:45. Mebius 37 spoilers.

Been watching Mebius 37 - 40 (not the R2 since it's still on its way to me; stupid!me forgot to pre-order) and just had to poke a little fun at a few lines of dialogue from episode 37.

Caveat: I'm going by the lines on the HK DVD so no guarantee that they are even accurate. These are consecutive lines.


Teppei: Mirai-kun has been changed into gold.
Me: Gee, thanks so much for sharing that startling insight.

Konomi: How could that be possible?
Me: It's a toku show. Deal with it.

Misaki: Yes, it did.
Me: ??? If I were to take a stab at it, I believe this is another 'stating the obvious,' since it (what Teppei said) did happen. And damn if I don't manage to thoroughly confuddle myself.

Sakomizu: Mirai.
Me: Sorry, where are your usual uber-cool lines?

Edited for spellings and other mistakes. I can't really tell the difference between "thoroughly" and "throughly" except that the latter doesn't seem to exist when I tried to look it up in the dictionary.
Tags: ultraman mebius
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