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As much as I don't like saying this, I thought Kouga was somewhat of a jerk to Tsubasa in part one, thus making Tsubasa look better.  That was so not necessary.  Tsubasa was asking perfectly legitimate questions, considering Kouga was actually trespassing on his (Tsubasa's) land, so why being rude to him?  Granted, Tsubasa wasn't asking nicely, but then Kouga just knocked away his (Tsubasa's) follower, so he was entitled to be upset.  I expected this type of behavior from Kouga (uncooperative, difficult) back in like the beginning episodes of GARO TV series, not here.

Part two did redeem Kouga completely (almost a 180 turn around), and made Tsubasa a spoiled brat in the process.  Jabi was fantastic, however, and I'm happy that she was doing something crucial to the plot and didn't just come back because the writers wanted her to (which was what I originally believed while watching part 1).  Garo completely overshadowed the other two knights (Dan was almost completely useless.  And why was Rei/Zero even in this special at all?), but I'm not complaining much since this show is called GARO after all.  Also, like a lot of people, I found the maskless Garo very cool.  The scene after the battle, where Kouga's parents appeared together before him, was also very touching.

Rin's actress didn't seem to know how to act, thus I found her character difficult to like.  Maybe that was also the reason I enjoyed part 2 more, since Rin was incapacitated most of the time there.

I had no complaints of performances by the rest of the cast.  Even Rei, whom I didn't much care for in the GARO TV series, was okay (because he didn't have enough screentime to annoy me, no doubt, and once again I questioned his inclusion in this special since I couldn't figure out what exactly he did for the storyline).  As stated elsewhere, I'm a Ryousei Konishi fan, so I loved his portrayal of Kouga (yes, I'm biased, but it was his wonderful performance of Kouga in the TV series that made me a fan to begin with).  I also found Syouma Yamamoto (Tsubasa) to be surprisingly good, even though his character didn't really have much development.  And Yasue Sato as Jabi was just perfect.  (As a side note, I also liked her portrayal of Nagi in Ultraman Nexus.)

Anyhow, I got the DVD of part 1 on the way.

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