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Watashitachi no Kyoukasho 5 (Spoilers)

Random thoughts which probably make no sense whatsoever. Spoilers up to episode 5.

I initially planned a long vent, but decided to scrap it. Instead, I'll try to look on the bright side:

1. It explains why the Vice Principal is so warped. Or maybe that fact explains why her son ended up in jail/a mental institution (don't see much distinction; in either case, something is not right with him). But I've found more than once that all is not as it appears on this show, so who knows what are really truths or lies.

2. Like most major characters did, he got a nameplate, so he couldn't just appear in only one episode for 30 seconds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

3. The VP's son is surely nothing like the goody two shoes teacher protagonist, who is starting to get on my nerves. (Nope, actually Kaji annoys me ever since somewhere around ep 2; geez, with his naivete, it's a wonder how he can still survive in a world full of cynics, or at least of people who can pretend to be so.)

4. I don't really need to post screencaps after all. Not that I wouldn't love to cap lots of pics of Rasshii, but sometimes I'm just lazy that way.

5. Not many characters fare better than him. Hiro Mizushima's role is almost nonexistence right now, and his character has not developed further since ep 2. I suppose the only person with decent amount of character development on this show is the lady lawyer.

6. I'm probably in the minority (or perhaps the only one) who felt misled, because I'm sure lots of people watch this show for Miho Kanno, who plays the lawyer, Tamako.

7. Despite this shocking revelation (to me), I don't intend to stop watching the show. Good of them to wait until episode 5 to throw me this curveball, when my interest is already fully invested.

8. If I want to see lots of Rasshii, there's always a Mebius rewatch. In fact, I think I'll go do exactly that. :)

9. I'm probably warped(?) enough to use that screencap (or more likely another similarly depressing pic that I also capped) as a desktop wallpaper.

ETA: Springled more random stuff, and changed wordings in some parts.
Tags: drama, hiro mizushima, miho kanno, shunji igarashi, watashitachi no kyoukasho
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