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What the subject says:

Half-heartedly tried to pack up my books. Reread a few of them instead.

Just saw Sailor Moon Live Action Act Zero. Don't know why I waited this long. It was so hilarious. Loved the mini episodes at the end, especially the Tuxedo Kamen one. Actually finished the main series and the Special Act many moons ago. May rewatch, but probably after clearing off many, many dramas, tokusatsu, and anime on my 'to be watch' list.

Also watched the first episode of Densha Otoko. The subs say it is based on a true story. I don't know. Maybe about eight lines of it is true. Maybe more. Or perhaps it's nothing more than just a greatest prank conducted by a bored 2channel poster. Heck, according to the show itself, even some of the 2channel (okay, not the actual 2ch, but a fictional forum based on 2ch) people are voicing doubts about Densha's story. So how would I know? Or, for that matter, how could anyone really be certain of the tale's authenticity?

Apparently it doesn't really matter. The tale of a socially awkward young man coming to the rescue of a young woman and their subsequent romance is entertaining and uplifting. It also seems to be good enough to inspire numerous spin-offs. So, apart from me, I'm not sure if anyone else really cares enough to waste two paragraphs questioning whether the show is accurately mirroring real life events.

This episode is funny enough, I suppose, and obviously very much dramatized. (I refuse to believe there really exists a person with such terrible luck on his birthday.) Maybe it's just me, but the main character doesn't seem very tall when compared to other characters. (Don't remember him like that in Kyoukasho, probably because he never really stands next to other people on that show. Or maybe he does, but it's just too dark (literally) for me to notice. Now, if I can actually believe what his drama wiki entry says...)

Episode 6 of Watashitachi no Kyoukasho is so freakingly weird with so many smiling people, especially Oshiro, whose genuine smile I can't really recall seeing before. For once, Kaji seems to get along with other teachers. That does come at the expense of his cooperation with Tamako, however. Rather like Mizushima's character in this episode, even though, as usual, he is mostly in the background (some of his actions are kind of funny <-- not a word I thought I would ever use for this show). This episode does seem to focus on Tamako and her boyfriend.
(Side note: I did recognize the boyfriend as soon as I saw him in episode 1 as that teacher from LoveCom movie even though I didn't previously know that he was supposed to be in this drama. (I know it's not really an accomplishment at all if one doesn't have a terrible memory like I do.) So again this guy is in the same show as Mizushima, and, like in that movie, there is no interaction between them.)

Toward the end of episode, Igarashi's character appears for a grand total of ten seconds. (Um, and I thought the thirty second from last episode was short...) I'm just thankful that at least the viewers can see his face more clearly this time. Next episode preview looks promising, however.

(Now I'm so doubly sad; catching this on the day it aired just so confirms my lack of a life. ^_^'')

Lately it seems like I've been making a big deal about spoilers. Perhaps I should elaborate a bit. While I would not like it much, I would not be upset or anything if I inadvertently get spoiled. It's not other people's responsibility to know that I'm not up-to-date on whatever show it is they're talking about. If I absolutely cannot be spoiled, I do have an option of not visiting relevant message boards or blogs or LJs.

As for this LJ, I try to be very careful in appropriately marking entries with spoilers. That said, I don't guarantee that icons I use are not spoilers. (For instance, if one has watched only the first episode of Ultraman Mebius, quite a few of my icons would be spoilers to them.) Even then, I would try not to use much of these maybe-spoiler icons.

Added a few more scenes for Idyllic Outing. Sometimes I forget that I'm still writing this thing.

GIP (so cool that it gets its own tag):

Since I kept seeing this acronym(?), and for the life of me couldn't quite figure out its meaning from the context(s), I finally went to Wikipedia. GIP apparently stands for Gratuitous Icon Post. And I thought it meant "Graphic in Picture" (yeah, don't know where my head went).


Seen it a lot in icons, and unlike GIP, its meaning is pretty clear to me. Still, I'm sure no one ever calls it "Original to Pick" (don't know where my head went for this one either), so I looked it up too. According to Wikipedia, this particular OTP stands for One True Pairing. Umm, okay. Not bad, but I'm not sure if I like it.


Seen it a few times, but never quite guessed at the real meaning, so again Wikipedia came to the rescue. I suppose "fan canon" makes a curious sort of sense. :)
Tags: densha otoko, drama, fanfic that i should hurry up and finish, gip, hiro mizushima, ot, sailor moon live action, shunji igarashi, watashitachi no kyoukasho
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