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Den-O 15-16 (spoilers)

Hilarious set of episodes. I never laughed so hard.

So Ryo is going about his business, then there is this guy coming to steal his bicycle. Ryo chases him, catches up, has some scuffle then somehow the bike falls on the thief. They hear police sirens so the thief pulls Ryo into a bathhouse (is it abandoned or something? No business takes place there that I see). They find another man inside there already. The thief brandishes a gun and ties up Ryo and the other man (separately).

I like that various people are inclined to stay with Hakamada (the first person in the bathhouse), even though they can leave at anytime (I must start counting how many times Ryo does). And I was completely fooled about the targets of the police raid. Like the main cast, I also thought it was about them. (And really, their reactions were priceless when they realized the police paid them no attention at all.)

Momo is truly the reliable one, and he proves it by defeating the imagin (what is he, some kind of a fish? I'm with Ura in finding his s-l-o-w speech irritating). The way Momo finally gets Ryu (who seems to have some kind of a sister complex) to leave, or at least to relinquish control of Ryo, is great too (and irrelevantly, embarrassing ringtones for Ryo and Sis, methinks).

I know Den-O is fictional and I really shouldn't be casting stones (with me having some questionable stuff on my journal), but I don't think 15 sends a very good message to kids about guns. Hostages are not supposed to provoke their armed captors like Ryo is doing. Well, the gun in this case turns out to be a toy, but still...

In the chaos that ensues, I haven't quite caught when Hana leaves the bathhouse (sometime toward the end of 15? Have to rewatch).

I feel I should mention Kin's Sumo-ish henshin stance in 15, but I have no other comment regarding it.

Love Ryu's dance, especially the one in 16 (which is a terrific sequence) even though I'm not too fond of Ryu himself. (Or more like he confuses me.)

So, as of episode 16, Kamen Rider Den-O still follows the two-episode formula. (That's my reason for watching the episodes in chunks of 2.) Will we ever see a break from this pattern? I'm okay with the present formula though. Just wondering.
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