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Den-O 17-18 (Spoilers)

My feelings are really all over the place for this set of episodes. May write something more later.

Ryu is cool. I still don't understand him, but that's fine.

I love that Momo apparently remembers how Ryo used to bargain with him back in one of the early episodes.

Ura and Kin are their usual selves. Though Kin gets points for being noble (again).

Mystery of Airi's apparent loss of memory is being unraveled. I'm looking forward to more.

The story of the guest character of the bi-week (two weeks--just don't know what other words to use) seems to take back seat of Ryo and Airi's history/background.

For once, the contract is complete and they go to the past in the first episode of the pair.

The imagin (again I don't know what he is) doesn't know what to do after he escapes from Den-O gun form. That must be the first time this kind of uncertainty happens on this show. When he shouts out his question, I wonder, is there anything or anyone that the imagins as a species(?) answer to?

I like that Ryo can fight better because he has been training and not because the writers think it's about time. (Well, better by Ryo's admittedly not high standard anyway.)

Miss Ryu!Ryo's appearance...

On that note, the ways the other three Ryo's try to make coffee are hilarious.

I find it a height of irony that Airi gives the guest character advice that she herself doesn't follow.

And my favorite quote: "The past gives us hope."

The new rider, is he the same person as the watchman (who is supposedly Airi's missing fiance) or just has the same name, since Ryo doesn't recognize him?

ETA: After some reflection, I believe they are indeed the same person. It is just a hunch. I don't have any concrete evidence of this, nor any explanation for Ryo's apparent inability to positively identify this guy. I can only say that there are rarely coincidences in fictional works and misleading, hidden secret identity plots fascinate me so much.

Apologies that these pictures are not really quite the quality I wish for.

Guest character of the bi-week: Yuka Sawada. Portrayed by Hikari Mitsushima.

A refreshing change to see her in a non-robotic role. (Not that I don't like her robotic role...)

New Rider: Yuto Sakurai. Portrayed by Yuichi Nakamura.

I believe this is the second time he and Takeru Sato are in the same show. (Still haven't watched the first show, nor picked up Hibiki again...)
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