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Ultraman Max Episode 20 (spoilers)

Feeling nostalgic (anyone watching Den-O 17 probably gets the reference), I randomly picked an episode of Ultraman Max to watch. Since I happened to have episode 20 around, that's the one I saw. One very good thing about Ultraman Max is one can just start watching at whichever episode and doesn't feel lost.

This is one of the funnier Max episodes that doesn't seem to go too over the top. There is this rather typical family, with father, mother and two kids, a sister and a younger brother. (Irrelevantly, I can count at least two more Ultra series families with similar set up (older daughter and younger son).) Everyone in this house seems to wake up late, because, as the sister points out, it's still dark outside. But that's really not the case. See, a monster is floating over their house, blocking the sunlight.

I like that the series feels comfortable enough to parody itself (with the son wanting to watch Ultraman Max, which is actually shown on TV in this world).

I love Elly's techno-babbles and the way Tomioka has to ask her practically every time for her to repeat what she says in normal human language. He is also crushed when the forthright android tells him things the DASH guys take pain to avoid in order to spare his feelings. Elly doesn't seem to realize what she does wrong and it is left to Koba, Sean, and the captain to soothe Tomioka's ruffled feathers. On the other hand, I find Professor Yoshinaga's calm and reasonable attitude to be a nice contrast to Tomioka's excitable one.

Most of the episode deals with how DASH try to get Cloudos (Tomioka's name for the monster) back to where it came from. While Cloudos is being guided through two buildings by DASH aircraft and DASH flying car (apologies for forgetting the exact names; been a long while since I last watched Max), there is this school band that performs/sings some song of which I don't know the significance but morbidly I enjoy seeing the band members flee nevertheless when the monster is coming their way (the wires that hold Cloudos break since it gets heavier when it wakes up, presumably because of the loudness of the band's song).

Mizuki gets knocked out at one point, and she wakes up at the most unfortunate time. Not having any other choice, Kaito has to swing the flying car around rather like a pendulum, lulling the monster back to sleep.

Ha ha at the way everyone tiptoeing around, afraid to wake the monster. As long as Cloudos is sleeping, its weight would remain light enough for it to float along. Double laugh at Mizuki who, thoroughly sick from flying car swinging earlier, walks unsteadily and pantomimes to the bikers gang not to use their bikes (because of the loud voice the engines make, presumably).

More Mizuki mishap happens right after Kaito and Koba basically screw up (I'm laughing just thinking of it). Cloudos is about to fall on the mother and son from the family earlier, so Max appears to prevent that by holding it away. Mizuki arrives and what she does but argues with the mother while there is a monster over their heads that can fall at anytime since Max could barely hold it at bay. Well, to be fair, the mother is the one who complains about her weight and the mushroom's, that she's too heavy for Mizuki to carry, but still they needlessly waste time. Luckily(?) Max at last manages to throw the monster away from them.

Now, since it approaches the end of episode, one would think there could be nothing else wrong, right? Sadly, no. This is apparently a real bad day for Mizuki. She misfired the thunder shot that supposed to return Cloudos to its world (she fired at Max instead). The good news is that is the last mistake she makes in this episode.

The family is suitably grateful and send DASH some of the mushroom the mother and son were out picking earlier. The captain's grey hair seems to be reduced to one single strand, which Kaito obligingly helps pull out.

On a semi-related note, I find myself missing the wires shot out from defense teams vehicles/aircrafts that are used to secure a monster/hold it at bay. Don't remember this type of wire being used even once in Ultraman Mebius (but since my memory is lamentably bad, I might be wrong).
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