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[Download] Kuuneru Tokoro Sumu Tokoro SP (RAW)

In an effort not to let the links die out, I'm reposting the download for this drama in a public entry, in hope that someone new may see it.

This is a Spring Special Drama aired back in April this year in which Shunji Igarashi has a supporting role (doesn't he always?) It runs just over an hour long. Even with no subtitles, I personally found the show to be quite amusing. Sadly, I don't really think any official information exists in English, so I'm linking to a few relevant Japanese pages (probably contain some overlapped information).

Information Page at KTV Site
Japanese Wikipedia entry for the show
Information at FujiTV
Drama Wiki entry for Sayaka Aoki (the main character's actress)


Download links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Use whichever file joiner you like to combine the parts.

Well, hope you enjoy if you take it.

EDIT: Hello new people who come to download this drama,

If you don't mind, will you please let me know how you came across this page? Thanks. :)
Tags: d-boys, download, drama, kuuneru tokoro sumu tokoro, shunji igarashi
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