Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
Nikki's Corner

WataKyou on American TV

Probably very old news, but apparently Watashitachi no Kyoukasho has been airing for quite some time on AZN TELEVISION. There seems to be one more program on the air this coming Sunday (June 10). I don't know which episode it is; just passed along what I heard. I'm not sure if it is subbed or dubbed in English either, although from the look of it, I don't really believe it is.

On a semi-related note, I must be the last person to know that Rasshii finally has an English Wiki entry. (It's currently missing Hatsukare, Hana-Kimi, and the Drift movies.)
Tags: drama, shunji igarashi, watashitachi no kyoukasho
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