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Oh, look: two new regulars in Kamen Rider Den-O

Okay, Den-O 19 and 20 see further introductions of the new rider (and his imagin), who surprises me, but in a good way, I think. His interactions with his imagin are fabulous. And who could resist Deneb candies?

Sakurai tells Ryotaro that Airi is his fiancee. While I don't take that as a confirmation that my suspicion is correct about Sakurai's identity (Sakurai may simply says that to mess with Ryotaro's mind), I still maintain that he is the same person as the watchman. (I rather trust Airi's reaction, particularly because she doesn't seem to remember anything about Sakurai.)

Maybe an unpopular opinion here, but I like Sakurai. I think Yuichi Nakamura plays him well. (Love his various expressions.) To me, Sakurai is rather similar to Ryutaros (totally before I saw 21 preview, honest), because Airi seems to be important to both of them, and they both act like kids.

Zeronos' entrance (Altair form) is just impressive (tame word, but I can't think of anything better at the moment). Further proof that Sakurai is still a kid (not fighting fair). And I simply have no words to describe the awesomeness of the Vega form. Sakurai seems to resent having to use one of his cards. I wonder if he would ever run out of cards to transform. (And what would he do then?)

Apparently Altair, Vega, and Deneb are names of the stars that form Summer Triangle. Not really knowing astronomy, I don't have anything else to add.

Must say that I really like the story in this set of episodes. A girl buried a time capsule for her fiance because she had a life-threatening illness. He is anxious to get the time capsule because apparently it is the last thing she had left for him. Simple yet powerful. (Hints of Hana and Ryo don't come amiss either, since I don't recall seeing much of those, except perhaps in earlier episodes.)

And the jellyfish imagin beating up his contract holder? Priceless.

Oh, there is no new Den-O episode this coming Sunday (6/17: Happy Father's Day to those who celebrate it) because of a golf tournament. I'm glad that the interruption doesn't happen after the first episode of the pair though.
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