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Random WataKyou comments (up to episode 9)

I have this written down a week or so back, but only just managed to locate my note on it. So I'm one episode behind now, but simply don't have time to hunt up the raw, especially when I don't understand the lawyer-speak in English, let alone in Japanese.

Comments on WataKyou characters:

I officially dislike Kaji at the moment. As much as I don't care for him in the earlier episodes, I still prefer him that way, sticking to his principles, rather than the way he is now, a puppet of the Vice Principal.

Crazy!Yahata is not even worth mentioning (with all the people having real problems, this guy's dramatic angst just doesn't seem all that serious to me). Still, Mizushima is good in acting out his less than sane role.

Otoya at home is somewhat interesting. (As a side note, I totally didn't recognize Igarashi's voice in 7, but then I've barely watched anything else he is in. ::sniffle:: I'm such a negligent fan.) His home is kind of normal, or doesn't seem like a home of the evil!VP in any case. I'm rather disappointed.

Oshiro is doing a 180 degree turn and smiles almost all the time. No doubt she looks pretty doing so, but it almost seems like she has become a different person from the reserved one in the earlier episodes. Nothing significant seems to have happened to cause this change, except perhaps Kaji coming over to the VP's side. And building on that, she and Kaji are dating (and maybe engaged?) at the moment. Uncharitably perhaps, I don't think their relationship will last. Trouble already seems to be brewing in paradise.

Toita is rather creepy, even with his aiding Tamako now that Kaji has "run away."

Misawa is...strange, but has a good heart, I think.

And I'd thought for sure that Poe was on the opposite end of being a victim...

If I have to say I like anyone in this drama, it must be Tamako. Other than her cold attitude toward Asuka in episode one, I rather find her character-- formal, distant, single-minded but yet not cruel--almost refreshing, especially in light of the way the other characters keep changing their personalities and their priorities as times go on. (To be fair, I'll give other characters the benefit of the doubt, and say that they are still mostly the same people as the ones from the beginning, but the covert, incomplete way the drama focuses on them make them seem like they have transformed into someones unfamiliar to the viewers.)

Anyway, it is a testament to how well put this drama is, for even with seemingly inconsistent cast of characters, I still find the story itself very gripping. And I'm no closer to figure out how it will all unravel. The courtroom revelation at the end of 9 seems to be a climax, however, and the drama probably would spend no more than 2-3 more episodes wrapping things up.
Tags: drama, hiro mizushima, shunji igarashi, watashitachi no kyoukasho
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