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Ha, just once my Sugar Sugar Rune icon is appropriate here. :)

Found this super old note I wrote down many moons ago and honestly cannot remember if I've already posted it elsewhere as a comment. Just so I have some sort of a backup (paper is flying everywhere at my place at the moment), I'm typing this in.

Actually, I wasn't at all surprised that Vanilla would turn "evil", for lacks of better words, although I find the manga Vanilla much easier to be pushed over the edge. Anime Vanilla seemed a more sensible character compared to her manga counterpart. Not every little thing bothered Vanilla in the anime, compared to almost every little thing that upset Vanilla in the manga. So I'd found her walk over to the dark side in the anime a bit unbelievable. (It seemed so sudden probably because there wasn't really anything leading up to it; everything started going downhill for her only in episode 37 onward.)
Tags: anime, series: sugar sugar rune
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