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Useless observations I just wanted to note.

Hallo, hallo ~♪  <-- (shamelessly lifted from Yuuki Sato's blog.) 

What do Ultraman Mebius and Kamen Rider Kabuto have in common besides both being tokusatsu shows from the year 2006?

1.  Each show has a not quite human character named Tsurugi.

Hunter Knight Tsurugi in Mebius and Tsurugi Kamishiro in Kabuto.

2.  Each show has a character named Kazama and the name actually has some relevancy to the character in question.

Marina Kazama in Mebius and Daisuke Kazama in Kabuto.

3.  Each show has a female character named Misaki.

Yuki Misaki in Mebius and Yuzuki Misaki in Kabuto.

4.  The actor of the alter ego for the title character in each show portrayed a different character who looked like himself.
(Okay, that sounds really confusing.  Let's see if I can't reword it better someday.)

Shunji Igarashi as Mirai Hibino and Hiroto Ban in Mebius

Hiro Mizushima as Souji Tendou and Souji Kusakabe in Kabuto.

5.  Both the actors from #4 were in the same internet drama called Hatsukare, which is based on a shoujo manga of the same name.  They both played the hero's friends I believe, but they were never in the same scenes though.  :(

6. Each show has Kohei Murakami (Masato Kusaka in Kamen Rider 555) as a guest star in (at least) one episode.

Hiroshi Isana (GUYS Ocean member) in Mebius 38

Uemura (IT President) in Kabuto 3

(I totally missed his brief appearance here until I've seen a few posts pointing it out.  So I went back and rewatched that part to confirm.  That's him all right, although I can barely recognize him with that nerd look.)

7.  This is reaching, but each show has a tenimyu actor in it at one point or another (see my previous post).

Ryunosuke Kawai as Jun Suzaki in Mebius 28
(So he's a one shot deal, thus not really comparable, but I was just too desperate.)

Kazuki Kato as Daisuke Kazama in Kabuto 11-18, 25-28, 39, 40, 49
(So he's more of a semi-regular, thus not really comparable, but I was just too desperate.)

Bonus: This is very reaching, but the name "Daisuke" is somehow in both series.  It is the actor's name in Mebius, and the character's name in Kabuto.

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