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So we have come full circle; "can we change the world?"

Finished WataKyou today. At the risk of repeating myself, I am so very glad that I've seen this. It isn't in any way like most stuff I usually enjoy and only my determination in following Shunji Igarashi's works (and Hiro Mizushima's, though to a slightly lesser extent) had made me start watching.

Episode 12 is truly a fitting end to this series. Loose ends are being wrapped up, mostly to my satisfaction. I fear, however, that I'm rather tired and may not do this episode justice.

So the final episode of WataKyou brought back Asuka's question from the first episode, this time to students. Strangely, this topic doesn't sound so soapbox-like to me as much as the first time I heard it.

Despite the--er--seriousness of the situation in the faculty room, I laugh every time Otoya singles out each of the teachers for his verbal barb.

(As a side note, I do wish they explain the reasoning behind Otoya's madness, but then this show is not really about him. Sad as it is, to me, he is just a tool (more specifically, a catalyst). But then a lot of people in this show are also tools (Yahata and Kaneyoshi are but a few that come to mind), so it isn't like he is alone in that regard.)

Otoya is absolutely right about these teachers (well, he is stating facts, or facts that he got from his mother's records in any case). Notice that he doesn't say anything disparaging about Kaji, however. (Maybe he did in Ep 11? Not that I can remember.)

I don't agree that teachers should die for their students, but the willingness to do so is something I really admire. It means they are very dedicated to their job. So, yeah, Kaji really redeemed himself here.

(Again, as a side note, I laugh so hard when Otoya says something about the teachers being "heroes" if they sacrifice themselves. For some reason I was thinking of "heroes" as "tokusatsu heroes" or more specifically "Ultra heroes". (If I try, I could probably make most of my posts Mebius-related in some way.) Anyway, I must say I have a really weird sense of humor. ^^)

Um...this is a twist I didn't see coming. Asuka was really the person who started the rumor about Kaneyoshi's father. And let me just take this opportunity to say that Asuka was a better friend than Tomomi deserved by willingly taking her friend's abuse/suffering onto herself.

Well, the plaintiff gets the money, if nothing else. Not really a surprise, however. I'm happy for that at least.

I still hate Kaneyoshi until the end (he should just keep his stupid mouth shut and avoids provoking a psycho) and I don't care whatever happens to him. (Seriously, Otoya should just kill him right off.) His problem with his father doesn't excuse his picking on innocent people!

Enough with coward!Yahata! Thank goodness this is the last episode, so I don't have to put up with his pathetic whimpering anymore.

So Tomomi explains everything in the courtroom. Her friendship with Asuka went further back than I suspected. (I thought they just met at this school and even then because they were both--er--victims.)

Maybe I thought Asuka did commit suicide for a few episodes, but I never really believed that for a long time now. I did stick with the "someone pushed her" theory much longer, but not after episode 9, I think. Even then, I think I only started to believe that her death was an accident somewhere in episode 11. (Interestingly, the school (read: Vice Principal Ameki because I can't recall who the principal was to save my life) first said it was an accident, that Asuka leaned out too far from the window. I was almost sure I would have trusted that theory then if it hadn't come from the VP.)

I'd dismissed Seri, but then he goes and says something not so bad, so he is worth a mention, although just barely. And I like Tamako, truly I do, but for some reason she is not very remarkable in this episode. Maybe it's because the focus is on Tomomi, who, IMHO, gets way too much screen time.

What happened to Tomomi scared me. I might not like her much for being the selfish one in her relationship with Asuka, but I wouldn't wish for her to stay emotionally scarred. I hope she can be healed and regain herself again one day.

And so I say my goodbye to Watashitachi no Kyoukasho after sticking with it for almost three months. It has been an interesting journey, and I'm no closer to having a good answer to Asuka's question. I hope I can find at least one more thought-provoking drama to watch, regardless of who is starring in it.
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