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Friends Only/Contact Me Post

Well, this is not really a Friends Only Post since this journal is mostly public (and I have no cool FO Banner ^^).

To make this post a little friend-related, if you add me first (and not because I ask to friend you), I hope you don't mind introducing yourself a bit in any entry on this journal or send me an email at if you prefer to keep your correspondence private. (Talking just about fandom stuff is fine.) This is in no way a requirement, however; I simply would like to know a little about the people who read my journal.

Anyway, I normally add back if I check your journal and find at least an interest or two in common and/or I recognize your name from forums/communities/other journals (I do with most people, so unless you just made your journal in a week and/or never post, chances are I would at least know of you).

Thank you and have a nice day/evening/night!
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