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"Only One Life" sort of a review

Note: I'm sure there are some mistakes in this first person account, but this is probably as readable as it is going to be (been writing this on and off). Hopefully my interpretation is not too far off from what happens in episode 3.

Disclaimer: Not my characters. Not my situations. No money is made off this (not that anyone would buy since it's basically episode 3 of Mebius).

Sometimes, I don't know if coming to work in GUYS is the right choice. It seems like I've abandoned my priorities of completing school and then inheriting my father's hospital.

I hadn't thought much about my destined goals in the days after I first saw Ultraman's Color Timer blinking, however. As Ryuu-san said, I'd watched over and over that video of the fateful battle with Gudon, our first battle as GUYS. For some reason, Mirai-kun also seemed fascinated with the video, probably more so than I did.

Mirai-kun. He was the one who brought the rest of us to Phoenix Nest. Perhaps I hadn't spent much time with him, but I got some strange feeling when interacting with him. I couldn't really put my finger on what exactly bothered me at the time. All I could say then is he seemed different somehow.

A bird-like monster suddenly appeared at the crater of the volcanic Mt. Ohkuma, so everyone--except I and Konomi-san--went off to battle it, though we didn't realize it was a monster then. We then found out it gave off poisons, which destroyed the area around the volcano. (Marina-san scolded at me for stating the obvious!) Actually, it was the same monster that appeared some thirty years ago (found the documentation about it in ZAT team's file). I suspected the ultraman from that time (Ultraman Taro) simply put it in the volcano instead of killing it off. I wasn't surprised. After Birdon killed him, he probably didn't want to deal with it again.

That was another thing. Ultraman could die. But, according to the documents I had been perusing, Ultraman seemed to be able to come back to life as well.

Our ultraman appeared, but Birdon pierced his leg, releasing its deadly poison into his body. Ryuu-san and George-san, in Gun Winger, were having no success stopping the monster as it flew away toward the Pacific ocean.

We were supposed to get a rest (Captain gave us the time off, since Birdon flew into GUYS Ocean's juridication) and I believe everyone else did take their rest, but the present development about Ultraman dying and such bothered me, so, as I mentioned earlier, I spent time looking through the archives from the headquarters.

Mirai-kun was taking sick, apparently because of Birdon's poison. According to the doctor, he would be fine if he rested for a while, and so I told everyone that. George-san asked my opinion, but I sort of put him off, saying that I only knew/studied surgeries.

Privately, I thought it all began to make sense. Especially when Mirai-kun interrupted the conversation I was having with the others. He said that while it was possible that Ultraman could come back to life, there were no real guarantees that would happen. You should have seen him--Mirai-kun I mean. He talked with such passion, as if he personally had first hand experience. Ryuu-san must have thought so too, for he asked Mirai-kun how he knew all that. At that point, Captain Sakomizu arrived and changed the subject. Well...the captain was subtle and very flawless in his approach, but he succeeded in sidetracking Ryuu-san nevertheless.

GUYS Ocean wasn't successful in dealing with Birdon so the job fell on us again. Mirai-kun seemed rather determined to go on the mission until I offered to go in his place. Even then, I thought he would have sneaked out somehow if no one saw him.

Doing various cross-examinations, I determined that we needed to use Specium Missile to hit at the base of Birdon's poisonous sacs near its face so that the poison would flow back into its body. Ryuu-san sounded skeptical about my idea, so I reminded him that bees could be killed by their own poison.

During the METEOR, we tried to get close to shoot it, but the time was up before we could get a clear shot. Ryuu-san decided to land, for which I complained. He said it was more accurate to shoot from the ground than to shoot from Gun Winger. I reluctantly conceded to this, but I still thought it was better (and safer!) inside Gun Winger.

Ultraman appeared again and blocked off some of Birdon's attacks. He seemed to have some difficulty dealing with Birdon. I noticed his color timer blinking right away, which I thought odd since he was supposed to have three minutes before that happened. Ryuu-san theorized that Ultraman was probably still was poisoned. I agreed, and told him more about the color timer, which not only serve to warn Ultraman of danger, but its blinking light was also proof that Ultraman was still alive.

At one point, Ultraman was in danger of being attacked so Ryuu-san shot the capture cube to cover him, protecting him from the attack. It was rather amazing that the METEOR technology allowed us to do something like this, and I said so. Ryuu-san shouted at Ultraman, saying that he would not allow Ultraman to protect this planet because he was too careless with his only one life. I hid a smile. Ryuu-san's bark is worse than his bite.

At that point, George-san and Marina-san joined us. While Ultraman caught the monster still, we four took aim at one of the sacs and fired. Then Marina-san, I think, shouted at Ultraman, for him to use his finishing light beam on Birdon. He did, and we shot the capture cube to imprison Birdon while it exploded.

Back at the base, Ryuu-san was goofing around with Mirai-kun, telling him that he made us worried. Partly as a test, but mostly because it was something I had wanted to say, I stated my theory of why Ultraman has color timer. That without it he wouldn't know that he is risking his life fighting. Mirai-kun didn't disappoint me by adding that Ultraman doesn't fight alone. He also has those fighting along with him sort of look out for him.

I'm sure Ryuu-san didn't mean anything serious by his twit that Mirai-kun sounded just like he was Ultraman, but Mirai-kun seemed startled nevertheless. He recovered, not too badly, I think, and said "that's probably what Ultraman Mebius is thinking." George-san asked if "Ultraman Mebius" was the registration code for this Ultraman, and Mirai-kun said he came up with the name while he had some time (on his sick bed, probably). He worried that we might not like the name, but Ryuu-san said he did, and that Ultraman Mebius needed us GUYS fighting alongside with him because it was obvious he (Mebius) couldn't do a decent job alone. (Ha!)

We then fell into stating why we thought each of us was here in GUYS. Konomi-san especially mentioned wanting to thank Ultraman Mebius one day, and I told her that day would definitely come. I would really hate be proven wrong, so please, Mi--Mebius, try to stay alive until then and beyond.
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