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Ultraman Mebius Volume 12 DVD Review (Episodes 45 - 47)

Very sorry for the extra lateness of this review. I'm actually still hesitant to put this out, but if I don't do it I fear I would yet find some more excuses to delay this. (As a side note, Vol 13 is already here, but when I'll ever get to watch it is another story entirely... [edited on Aug. 1] spent three uninterrupted hours watching it the day before.)

Every time I think about how expensive these DVDs are, watching them and seeing the superior picture quality make me forget or at least not be reminded too much about the money I spent. I'm glad that Tsuburaya (or their distributors) really do know how to encode their Ultraman DVDs.


Teppei: So, at the beginning of this story, we were on our way back to earth after taking care of the problem on the moon.

Konomi: But suddenly Phoenix Nest was...

Mirai: *blanches* Could we please skip this part?

Konomi: *peers at Mirai* Oh, I'm sorry. We must have worried you.

Mirai: Actually, I was grateful to have you all back safe. I simply would rather not relive those uncertain moments again.

Konomi: *nods*

Teppei: Well, since we weren't doing much other than being hostages of Deathrem, I'll pass the burden of telling this story to you then, Mirai-kun.

Mirai: George-san was sent as a messenger to tell Mebius to surrender unless...unless he didn't care for his teammates. I was so angry I couldn't think straight. Subsequently, I almost lost to Deathrem. *shakes head* No, actually, I did, and only managed to escape because George-san saved me.

Konomi: And there were reporters all over you guys afterward. They hadn't painted a very good picture of you nor of Crew GUYS in general.

Mirai: I didn't understand then, but as I had the time to reflect, I think I understand their concerns now. They feared that I was more concerned to save you guys than to save the rest of humanity.

Teppei: *shakes head* Which was, of course, patently untrue, but I can see why they would believe that. We humans beings are a selfish bunch. Why should those people hope that you would choose them, practically strangers to you, over us, with whom you are more familiar?

Mirai: I love humans! I would have found a way to save you all somehow.

Konomi: I believe you can, Mirai-kun, but for this story, you did have some help. Teppei-san was the one who came up with the idea of transmitting our voices through the radio/electric wave to somehow send you (and the base) a message.

Teppei: *shrugs* It was really nothing, Konomi-san. I just happened to notice that it could be done.

Mirai: Nevertheless, I'm grateful for your help. Ultraman Jack came to visit me, and he had given me much to think about. I was feeling like a failure then, among other things for not managing to rescue you guys, but he wouldn't hear how I berated myself.

Konomi: You are *not* a failure, Mirai-kun.

Teppei: You know, Konomi-san, that's something you can't know for sure.

Konomi: *gasps* That's mean, Teppei-san!

Teppei: I'm simply stating the truth. Mirai-kun has to decide for himself what he can do or cannot do.*

Mirai: It's okay, Konomi-san. Teppei-san is correct. Only I can confront my own insecurities and try to overcome them.

Ryuu: What does an eternally happy puppy like you know of insecurities?

Teppei: *jumps back* Ryuu-san! Please don't be coming out of nowhere like that!

Ryuu: You're too excitable, Teppei. Go take a walk or something to calm down.**

Konomi: Ah...and your inspirational speech toward the end really helped out Mirai-kun, Ryuu-san.

Mirai: Yes, yes. Thank you very much for that, Ryuu-san.

Ryuu: Heh. I should be your personal cheering squad, Mirai. George didn't seem to do a good job of that. Deathrem should have sent me to you instead.

Teppei: *mutters under his breath* I didn't know he was such a braggart.

Ryuu: *glares* What the hell was that?

Teppei: *looks away* Nothing. Nothing at all.

Konomi: Ah, the next story...

Teppei: *bows* all yours, Konomi-san. I was out of commission after all.

Ryuu: You are just too damn weak! Get the hell out more.

Konomi: You were staying in the infirmary too, Ryuu-san, so please don't say mean things to Teppei-san.

Ryuu: I wasn't felled by something so mundane like a bad weather!***

Konomi: It was an abnormally cold weather!

Ryuu: *looks at Konomi* Even *you* survived it. Which proves my point.

Mirai: Ryuu-san? *pushes Ryuu toward the door*

Ryuu: *looks shocked* You're throwing me out?!

Mirai: *smiles* I'll come get you when we need your input. Please stay out for now. *closes door*

Teppei: Thank you, Mirai-kun.

Mirai: *shrugs* You know as well as I do that Ryuu-san is concerned for all of us. But we still have at least two stories left to tell...

Teppei: ...and Ryuu-san had practically no input for either. That's devious of you, Mirai-kun.

Mirai: *bows* I don't have much input for this one either, since I had literally been frozen.

Konomi: How can you say that so calmly? I don't ever want to relive those horrible moments again!

Mirai: I don't particularly like being frozen either, but I'm more sorry for worrying you, Konomi-san.

Konomi: As for that, I met a distinguished gentleman, who kept me company for a while.

Teppei: *raises brows* "A distinguished gentleman", Konomi-san?

Konomi: Well, I don't know his name. He was obviously very knowledgeable about the Ultras, however. And he told me how to communicate with you, Mirai-kun, while you...

Mirai: Yes, I sensed you then.

Konomi: Hearing your voice was reassuring for me, at least. And the gentleman was very kind and encouraging.

Mirai: *leans close* How so?

Teppei: He succeeded in what we couldn't: got Konomi-san to pilot a GUYS aircraft.

Mirai: I believe Konomi-san could do that without anyone influencing her.

Konomi: I don't know, although that's kind of you to say so, Mirai-kun. To answer your question, he simply told me not to give up. In any case, I felt more optimistic than Marina-san seemed to be for a change.

Mirai: What did Marina-san say?

Teppei: You really don't want to know, Mirai-kun.

Konomi: Marina-san expressed surprise (I would too, if I wasn't too tongue-tied to say anything then) when Professor Fujisawa referred to Mebius as you. She said she had known about you for far longer than we had.

Mirai: *blinks* Ah...that was the reason she stared so strangely at me when she first came to visit us.

Teppei: Come to think of it, that professor seemed to have researched all of us pretty thoroughly.

Konomi: She sure had. Anyway, Professor Fujisawa was the one who came up with the plan to defeat Glozam and restore Mebius. I can't really recall the exact procedure involved, so you would have to ask her or Misaki-san if you need more details, Teppei-san.

Teppei: Not a problem. I sort of could figure it out on my own.****

Mirai: Again, I'm very grateful for your and everyone's help, Konomi-san.

Konomi: You're welcome. Still, it was such a small thing, compared to what you had done.

Teppei: You call completely annihilating Glozam a small thing?! I'm afraid to know what you would consider a big thing then.

Konomi: Teppei-san! You know Ultraseven and Mebius did all the hard work.

Teppei: But until you released that tornado attack with the Gun Loader, Glozam kept coming back to life.

Konomi: *pouts* Fine. Let's leave it at that.

Mirai: *claps hands* Ah...yes! Let's discuss the next story. The captain (and you guys) gave me a day-off--a holiday.

Teppei: *cocks head* You sure you want to tell this story?

Mirai: Thank you, Teppei-san, but it's all right.

Teppei: *shrugs* If you say so. It has to be you again to tell the bulk of this story.

Mirai: You could add something too, Teppei-san.

Teppei: Sure, if I can think of anything.

Konomi: You were amazing, Teppei-san. Unlike Ryuu-san, Marina-san, George-san and I, you weren't totally controlled by Mephilas.

Teppei: Dumb luck, more like. Mirai-kun was injured, and the doctor in me couldn't leave him, or anyone, bleeding like that.

Konomi: And it was our fault he was hurt!

Mirai: It's okay, Konomi-san. It wasn't your fault.

Konomi: *sniffles* Really?

Mirai: *smiles* Yes, really. So please smile.

Konomi: *blushes*

Teppei: Okay, we talked while I was cleaning up your wound. I wasn't entirely convinced of your story, but I no longer believed you were manipulating my memory, so we went to Phoenix Nest.

Mirai: Our control room was uncharacteristically dark. You did your research and confirmed what I told you, that Mephilas was sending out controlling wave that effected humans.

Teppei: Then Konomi-san and the others showed up, so I had to hide you.

Mirai: *smiles sheepishly* I'm sorry for not staying hidden.

Teppei: I'm sorry too. What they said of you and to you were pretty hurtful.

Konomi: *pouts* "They", Teppei-san? As if you were never against Mirai-kun at one point.

Teppei: Yeah, sorry. I gave in to my moments of weakness and pulled a gun on Mirai-kun. I deserved to be shot.

Mirai: Teppei-san?

Teppei: Yes?

Mirai: *points toward the door* Ryuu-san is lonely out there.

Konomi: Stop beating yourself up, Teppei-san. I was just teasing you.

Teppei: *mutters* Either I couldn't joke or these people were just really clueless.

Mirai: What do you mean, Teppei-san?

Teppei: *shakes head* Never mind.

Konomi: You completely woke up from under Mephilas' control first, and told the rest of us to look at the charms Mirai-kun made for us.

Teppei: *grins* That did the trick, right?

Konomi: *nods* That and Mebius saving us. We woke up and destroyed the UFO sending out controlling wave. Then Ultraman came to help us. After a while, Mephilas understood why the Ultras fought on human's side, so he agreed to stop fighting against us. For an invader, he was not so bad after all.

Teppei: A pity that he didn't live to tell the tale.

Mirai: I don't think we were supposed to know about that.

Teppei: Because he was eliminated by the final boss, whose identity was not yet fully revealed? *looks at his watch* Anyway, I'm afraid we will have to save the final three stories for some other time.

Konomi: Thank goodness! I don't want to be saying goodbye to Mirai-kun yet.

Teppei: Neither do I.

Mirai: I love you all very much!


My footnotes:

*Ha, in the end, you are right behind the others begging Mebius not to die, Teppei-kun. Besides, Mirai can't really decide anything for himself anyway--that's the job of network execs (?) and Tsuburaya Pro.

**Pot calling kattle black (maybe). Aren't you the one angry almost all the time and need calming down in earlier episodes, Ryuu-san?

***No, you (and George) are felled by a finger jab from Asami Fujisawa.

****Now who is the braggart here, huh?


Disclaimer: Mirai, Teppei, Konomi, and Ryuu don't belong to me. Blame me if the words I put in their mouths (or the irrelevant stage directions) don't match something they normally say or do. I don't own any other characters mentioned in passing either.

Note: This write-up contains more made-up elements than usual, but since they are tied to and/or sort of inspired by the episodes, I'll still look at this as a review. However, under no circumstance this should ever be considered an accurate guide/summary of the episodes. :)

My notes on the DVD extras:

I really don't have much to say. There are the usual features (Textless Opening, Mebi-Navi, Catch the Mebius) and the not so usual features such as multiple interviews and extra behind the scenes.

Catch the Mebius 12 made me yawn so bad. I still don't know what it is about. (Um, maybe scene setting? The most interesting thing here is the size of Phoenix Nest in relation to a person.)

There are behind the scene segments for each of the Ultra brothers who comes to help Mebius: starting with Ultraman, then Ultraseven, then Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Ace last.

The interviews with the Ultra brothers human actors (including Yuuko Minami's actress) are fine, with interesting relevant scenes throughout. Most of them are pretty short, however. It seems like they were cut so the timings fit or something.

Then there are interviews with the villains (well, only one of them is truly villainous). First is with the actor of Alien Mets Bio (ep 32). Second is with the actor of Yapool (the human form).
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