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Psycho Vs. Hero

Okay. Okay. I think I'm mad for doing this, but I just had to write it down. These characters belong to their respective owners, one of which I'm not quite sure of the name. Not doing a proper disclaimer because I'm not actually naming any name (no real need to), but the names of the series they come from are in the tags.

An imaginary conversation (possibly very much deluded on the part of the author) between a psycho and a hero.

P = Psycho, H = Hero

P: Can you change the world?

H: Er--this world? *blinks adorably*

P: Of course I mean this world. What else could it be?

H: There are other worlds out there...

P: I don't give a damn! They are not my world. Now, answer the question.

H: Um...I'm not sure. It seems like a large undertaking for one person.

P: *narrow eyes* I should know. *scoffs* Soft, baby-faced. You probably have never lifted anything nor exerted yourself in your charmed life.

H: I have! If you must know, I have killed...*

P: A bug? That is all you look capable of killing, sweetie.

H: I guess you could say that. *mysterious smile* So, can *you* change the world?

P: *draws self up* Of course! I'll rid this world of heartless bullies, one at a time.

H: *widened eyes* Do you mean to...kill them?

P: Heck, yes. What else could I mean?

H: I don't know. Maybe you could discipline them, or send them to school to show them the error of their way.

P: *savage look* Not enough! These villains hurt innocent people, sometimes even kill them.

H: But you can't just kill these bullies either!

P: Why can't I, sweet?

H: Because it is wrong! We don't have the right to dictate that someone lives or dies.

P: Wrong? *lifts brows* What about those so-called heroes? I don't recall many of them asking their adversaries permission to kill them.

H: *puzzled frown* What heroes?

P: Where had you been buried? In an underground cave? Heroes. The saintly beings, who supposedly sacrifice their lives for worthy causes. Who supposedly fight to save the world.

H: "Supposedly"? Don't you believe in "heroes"?

P: No! In the end, they are all cowards. They turn away from the truth staring in their faces.

H: I'm sorry if you have been let down by these people.

P: I don't need any pity from someone who all but admits that he can't change the world.

H: I am but one person. This world is many times larger. In the end, how much difference can my actions make?

P: Probably not at all, if all your actions consist of wasting your pretty breath arguing with me. Go out and do something substantial for a change!

H: *whispers softly* You have no idea what I do, or not do. *approaches the psycho*

P: *sneers* What are you going to do, pretty boy? Shove me with your weak arms?

A scuffle ensues. After the dust settles, the psycho is pinned down.

H: *raises brows* This good enough for you?

P: *growls* Get. Off. Me.

H: Are you going to attack me if I let you go?

P: *glares, then shakes head*

H: *lifts self off*

P: *brushes self* Don't get in my way of ridding this world of bullies and I won't get in your way of ridding this world of monsters.

H: *pales* How did you...?

P: You have those saintly auras about you. I could sense them from miles away.

H: You've known from the beginning who I why?

P: I thought it might be amusing, conversing with a real hero. You greatly disappoint me, however. You are no better than the unworthy people I've dealt with in the past. Actually, you are worse. You have an excuse for everything!

H: Excuses? I'm simply speaking the truth!

P: The truth? Yes, maybe if you keep telling yourself that, you might actually come to believe your pack of nonsenses.

H: Are you accusing me of...?

P: Lying? Yes, I am. You feel one thing, but you say another thing. Why is that, noble hero? I thought lies were not in your saintly makeup.

H: *grits teeth* I. don't. lie.

P: You just lied through your pretty teeth! Admit it, you look down on us, with no little contempt. While you use *I* for your argument, you actually mean us humans. You are saying that we have no chance of changing the world!

H: Dear god! You are changing my words, reading into what I never intend.

P: Shall I pick it apart for you? "It seems like a large undertaking for one person." Why the hell did you say that? You are a goddamn hero. You can do anything! So that statement must refer to us humans.

H: Changing the world *is* a large undertaking for one person. It is a daunting task, even for me. I'm not...god. I have self-doubts. And that is an absolute truth.

P: *cocks head* Too bad. The kids will be devastated to hear that you heroes are not flawless.

H: You are most likely correct. But there is no need to tell them.

P: So you admit to lying after all.

H: I think you are, forgive me, confused. Not saying something is not the same as lying.

P: Yes, it is called lying by omission.

H: *puts hand to forehead* I can't communicate with you! Not that I wish to win our...argument, but you put a new interpretation on everything I say, and not very flattering one either.

P: Ohhhh, you heroes these days have such thin skins. Give me an intelligent discussion and I won't--how did you put it--put new interpretations on your words.

H: I've lost track of our discussion, if you could call it that.

P: Fine. I'll ask again: can you change the world? And don't give me half-truth, half-lie this time.

H: There are many answers to that question, and I believe most of them would be equally correct.

P: Stop being evasive! I want your answer!

H: Yes, I can. This world may remain largely unchanged by my being here, but I'm going to do my best to fight monsters, to encourage those who seems to lose hope, and to understand the people who live here. While despair threatens myself, I am going to do everything in my power to drive it away. My friends will help, because they believe in me, in what I can do. They are the source of my strength.

P: *whistles* Stuffing people's heads with your unrealistic brand of enthusiasm, are you? At least this is better than your previous answers. But be careful. Your pretty speech is still a lie if you don't fulfill the expectations you set forth. *shrugs* Then again, as you remind me, you heroes are less than perfect, so I suppose I have to trust you to try.

H: Thank you. *blinks uncertainly* Er...can I not talk you out of killing...bullies?

P: Not unless you yourself can protect the world without killing anything. As I said, stay out of my business, and I will stay out of yours.

H: *shakes head* I suppose I have to concede for now, although I don't like this.

P: *purrs* Welcome to my world, sweetie.



*I believe (might be wrong) that some sentences cannot possibly be translated as they are into Japanese. I would just pretend that he says "I kill something" in this sentence.


Thank you if you made it down here. ^^;
Tags: i'm weird, ultraman mebius, watashitachi no kyoukasho
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