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Hana Yori Dango episode 1

Watched this a while back. Never have been exposed to the manga, I can only go by what I saw in the drama.

I wonder why Tsukushi acted like a doormat, when she was actually otherwise. Was it just her desire to blend in, to be accepted at this elite school?

If so, she should stop half-way through, because that chance was blown as soon as she tried to apologize for that friend of hers, who, for now, didn't deserve such generosity.

Why the F4 has such power? Are there really elites that hold such cult-like status in Japan? Maybe the situations (with the red notice and such) portrayed here were somewhat exaggerated, but I can't help wondering if there exists some basis of truth...

I dislike the supposed hero. Don't get me wrong, I don't usually hate people with ambiguous morals, but this guy just rubbed me the wrong way. (Of course, I only meant the character, not the actor, who probably did his job too well...)

(I also thought I read somewhere that this character was different in the manga. Maybe I should read the manga instead.)

So far don't really warm up to anyone. (Though that Rui guy wasn't half bad...can't remember anyone else.) I think I would keep watching mostly to see how they turn the grim situation around.

As for Rasshii (you know, the reason I checked this out in the first place?), I almost forgot he was there when he finally appeared around 18 minute mark or so. (And if I wasn't looking for him? I probably would have missed him completely. Yeah, I know, I'm a bad bad fan.)

Probably going to write more when I have a chance to watch more episodes.
Tags: drama, hana yori dango, shunji igarashi
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