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Ultraman Mebius Volume 13 DVD Extras

A week passed, and I still haven't made much progress on the review of Mebius Vol 13, which is sad, sad, sad. :(

Anyway, to not make this entry a total spam, I'll write a little about the DVD extras.

First, take a look at this 13 second video if you haven't seen it.

Love the bloopers (they call it NG, no idea what that stands for).
(EDIT like one second later: NG = No Go) I couldn't believe how much these people actually goofed (and I'm sure there are more not shown).

Birthday parties are nice. Too bad only Rasshii (Mirai) and Ai Saikawa (Marina) got to celebrate their birthdays on the set. (Well, only two that were included here anyway.)

For me, farewell "party" segment is a must watch! I find it interesting that all the principal characters received their farewell flowers at the same time. (Usually the final scene shot for each character is different. In this case, the final scene was literally the final scene where everyone was standing outside together, just before Mebius left earth.) Looks like everyone cried (well, not sure about Ryuu-san); Mirai-kun was the most guilty of them all.
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