Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
Nikki's Corner

Dilemma, Dilemma

Am I going to buy the new DVD of the Garo Specials? I already got the two-part DVDs when they came out earlier this year.

The reason I'm writing just now is because I got reminded of this today. (CDJapan already sent me at least one email telling me to buy about it way back in May, but I wasn't really paying attention then.) Thing is, if I'd known at the beginning of the year that they would put out this new edition, I would have waited to buy it instead of what I got.

Speaking of stuff I should buy, I still haven't ordered Ryousei Konishi's photobook 66. (I have no idea what it contains either, since I haven't downloaded scans, feeling so sure that I would get it with my next order from As a matter of fact, the only photobook I have is Rasshii's mirai. I don't really know why I keep putting off buying other photobooks. Maybe subconsciously I don't want to be disappointed, since I love mirai so much.

(As a side note, I wish I was a fan of Sota Aoyama. I've seen a few scans of his photobook and they look really nice.)
Tags: garo, ryosei konishi, shunji igarashi, sota aoyama, tokusatsu
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