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Kamen Rider Den-O Episodes 25-28 (Spoilers)

::Sigh:: I never feel less bright after finishing these latest episodes of Den-O because I don't think I understand much of what happened. (And this show is supposedly for kids!) Admittedly, I'm never really clear about how time travel works in Den-O (or in general, which is why I avoid writing about the subject). In any case, this is probably not going to be very detailed and I'll probably end up making some mistaken assumptions and/or forgetting something.

25 - 26: This set of episodes seems pretty much a prelude to the Den-O movie (and let me just say that all I know about the movie, I see from the previews they keep playing at the end of recent episodes). Anyway, I'm glad that the star gazing thing is visited again. (Been a while since they touch upon the subject.) I was fooled because I totally believed the present Yuto and Deneb kidnapped Ryotaro, even when, after the OP, Ryo is apparently back in his own bed.

Small dinosaur hopping around? Why was it free in the first place? I don't see much purpose of it being there (the scene isn't even that funny to me).

Something that change Momo's and Kin's personalities? Interesting, but last too little for me to note much. (Did Momo usually say stuff in Engrish, though?)

It's fun the way Ryo and Yuto keep accusing each other of wronging each other. Would be more fun if Yuto isn't too pissed. (Not much chance of that, but I do like the rare occasion when he is almost nice, like toward the end of 26.)

Naomi appears outside of Denliner again, and gives "how to be cute lessons" to Hana. Makes for a nice change that Hana isn't her usual moody self. (Not last long enough, but whatever.)

Isn't it so obliging of the contract holder to just waltz into Milk Dipper? Yuto and Ryo don't even have to hunt him down first. (They have to chase him down, but that's another story.)

I feel like I've seen a similar shot before, when Yuto and Ryo are opposite each other outside of the hospital room and the scene looks sort of like a silhouette.

The imagin is not so stupid after all when he just cut off the electric poles so the sky is clear even in the city. (What's with the imagins hating to exert themselves? ^^)

Poor Ryo gets messed with a lot. This time by the people he supposedly considers comrades, if not friends. Is there no end to his bad luck?

I hope they are going to account for the cards Yuto has used so far. (Unless he somehow got a new mysterious supply of never ending cards.)

Is the kid (sister of contract holder) completely cured? Somehow I totally missed that. Like that Yuto and Ryo think of the same place to take her to see the stars, though.

Unimportant stuff compared to the rest, but why is Miura tripping on some bottle? Is he naturally clumsy, or is there more sinister force at work?

27 - 28: This set of episodes would be great if not for all the scenes that supposedly come from the movie. This time there are two imagins. Each makes a contract with each of a pair of jewelry robbers. Not real clear, but it appears that only the boss one (Katoh-san) has been in jailed for seven years. So why the other guy (the underling) didn't go look for the stolen jewelry long before that? (Thought he was cheated too, which just goes to show that there is no honor among thieves, but that's not really relevant to this story.)

Again with the Milk Dipper being a convenient location for everything to happen. I don't really mind. The regulars need a place to hang out, after all, and Denliner scenes can get old pretty quick.

(Back with the stuff animal costumes for the imagins. I wonder why Ryu didn't come with them.)

It makes a strange sort of sense that Ura!Ryo calls Yuto "boku-chan". A little disappointed that Yuto doesn't have anything insulting tossed right back at Ura.

I feel like I'm missing a big chunk of something between episodes 27 and 28 (which makes me very much question my own intelligence). I even re-watched the last part of 27, where Gaoh and co. take over the Denliner, with Ryo and Hana chasing after it. Then in the beginning of 28, everything seems back to almost normal. I mean, why would Ryo even forget his imagins? (Yeah, of course he wants to pretend they aren't there sometimes, nuisance that they are, but I can't really believe that he wants to completely forget them.)

Gaoh guy: Character =/= actor, but I keep seeing him as he was in GARO and Ultraman Gaia. Don't know if the actor ever plays a bad guy before.

I would have liked it more if Ura-tachi have disappeared for more than half an episode. But since Den-O sticks to its two episode format, I should have known that my hope was in vain.

"Climax" form (is that even the right name?) is okay, I guess. Not too different for me to really remark upon it, but not too alike to the normal forms either. So is this like the third time Den-O uses rider kick? (I like rider kick, especially in this show because of the scarcity of it.) I think only Ura (Rod form) uses rider kick a few times before this, but I could be wrong...

Still not completely caught up, but at least I can go back to all the discussions/posts/fanfics/whatnot that I had to skip to avoid spoilers.
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