Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
Nikki's Corner

Mebius fics and episode 9

Been writing a new Mebius fanfic that is too gloomy for my state of mind. Re-read part of Idyllic Outing and mourn that I can't seem to replicate its light and frothy mood into other fics.

Randomly, Teppei called Konomi "Konomi-chan" in Mebius 9. I remember hearing -chan when I first saw the episode, but since I suck at listening in whatever language, I kind of dismissed it then. I think the script writers either forget that -chan isn't correct, there is some improvisation going on, or there is something in later episodes that I don't remember regarding Konomi & Teppei.

I really, really want Mebius Vs. Tsurugi to last longer. Seriously, I think I could blink a few times and miss it altogether.

(One day I'll get a proper Teppei icon where he is not part of a group.)
Tags: fic, ultraman mebius
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