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On the subject of conflicts

(Sorry it's me again. This will be the last entry from me for now, I promise.)

This entry is partly inspired by a one-liner I wrote in the other entry last week. Was watching episode 10 and a thought stuck me: why the conflicts between Mebius and Tsurugi seem to be non-physical for the most part. Is it because Hikari/Tsurugi is older, so not as rash as a younger Ultra may have acted in the same/similar situation(s)? Or is it maybe because he is originally not a fighter, but a scientist?

And Mebius himself? Looks to me like he might be angry at what he perceives as Tsurugi's callousness toward human beings, but for the most part, he reacts. He doesn't seem to aggressively choose to oppose Tsurugi. I mean, the few fights they do have, Tsurugi forces on him. I'm not quite sure what that says about Mebius...

(Actually, Mebius seems to be teaching Tsurugi a thing or two here, since Tsurugi's revenge sort of blinds him to what is important.)

At any rate, as I sort of mentioned earlier, I'm rather disappointed at the shortness and almost lack of altercations between Mebius and Tsurugi, ironically since I actually dislike seeing fights/violence scenes (don't know how I survive watching toku up until this point, but that's a topic for another time). I don't know how to explain this well, but I feel their confrontations (physical or otherwise) could have been drawn out a bit more.

To me, Tsurugi seems like someone "set" in his own way (either do something "my way" or "no way"), so why does he quickly go along with GUYS' plan in episode 10? Especially when he has just dismissed the entire human race as not being worthy of notice in episode 9. I may have forgotten something, but I don't think any human has done anything to change his mind--or maybe this change is simply a delayed reaction from what Ryuu did to him: Ryuu's shouting Serizawa's name in episodes 8 and 9 (awaking Serizawa's memories in beginning of 10, I mean) and their exchanges in 9. Granted, Tsurugi doesn't actually corporate with GUYS (and sort of look down on their efforts), but he isn't doing anything to hinder them either; in fact he does help, at the cost of his life.

(As a semi-related rant, I would rather be in suspense for 2-3 more episodes before having him return as Hikari. I still don't get why everything has to be tidied up so fast since it isn't like Mebius is a 20-something episode series.)

Anyway, I have no idea where I'm going with all this. Perhaps there isn't really anywhere to go, since Mebius is Ultraman's 40th anniversary series and to have the Ultras out for each other's blood episodes after episodes is simply not the healthy way to celebrate...
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