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Kamen Rider Den-O Episodes 29 - 30

I'm slow and these two episodes are all I have seen. Normally I can watch raws, but I find in this case that not understanding the dialogue is too confusing for me.

Anyhow, they sure surprised me this time with a story that actually concludes within an episode. The format does work (seems to me like a shortened, concise version of those two episode arcs), but I think I can see several reasons they haven't done it before. 1. Have to come up with a new story every week. 2. No real hook to reel the viewers into the next episode. (Well, to be fair, these two episodes do have at least one connecting point. Yuto needlessly wasting a card in 29 leads to Deneb running away from home in 30.)

29: I thought when Deneb was reading the test of courage flyer, that Yuto was also aware of it, so I wonder why he was asking for Deneb later as if he hadn't a clue. Also, while I wasn't exactly surprised, I didn't really expect Deneb to be that scared of a haunted house...

And is this the first time that the past had already been changed at the beginning of the story? I mean, the guy who came up with the test of courage claimed that he held it at the school in order to lure the supposed murderer (contract holder) back to the scene of crime. It makes sense to me anyway, and I like it better than if he just randomly wanted to have a test of courage for no particular reason.

30: I always like it when Deneb carries someone. :) It just makes a good contrast with his--er--severe appearance. I don't know how to explain this exactly. Outwardly, he seems like this tough guy but inside he is a kind-hearted type. Personally, his looks don't faze me, probably because he's on TV and not real, but think of the normal people in the Den-O universe. How would they react to seeing Deneb (although most likely they probably think he's cosplaying or in costume)?

Nitpicking time. I'm quite sure that the contract holder means for his wife and child to see his fireworks, not whatever weird thing the Imagin comes up with, so it hasn't actually fulfilled the contract, therefore should not be allowed to go into the contract holder's past. But I guess the Imagins do not play fair. Or else I am mistaken about the nature of the contract...
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