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Made-up dialogue

Inspired by reading too many posts in one community...


"Why the hell are the dinosaurs back here?"

"Because they couldn't survive some 60 million years ago."


"Why is that one Bogal a female in human form?"

"Who is to say the Bogals are not female in monster forms?"


"Why are we wasting time collecting all these rabbits?"

"Oh, so that we can eat them. I'm hungry after all the running."


"Nope, not interested. That uniform is ugly."

"But it is orange. Like the ones from the Science Patrol."

"Those uniforms were even more ugly."



"Why aren't the rest of GUYS Ocean officers in cool uniforms?"

"GUYS Ocean suffer a budget cut since they haven't brought down a monster"


"Oh, so you have never heard of sweet potatoes?"

"How many times do I have to tell you? We don't eat the way humans do."


"Miclas sees you as his mama."

"Was he looking with his eyes close at everyone who came before me?"


"You aren't a team player? What the hell are you doing in GUYS then?

"So I'm getting out. At least I admit I'm not a team player, unlike a certain someone."


"You are hiding from your mother for 14 episodes? Isn't that a little excessive?"

"But see? My mom must not look for me hard enough if it takes her that long to find me."


Didn't really have anyone in mind (well, except some rather obvious ones). Probably all out of character if I did anyway.
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