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George's next job, possibly...

(Just saw this information on tenipuri_myu, but don't know any real way to verify it. Although I do hope the information is accurate.)

Wow. It appears that Daisuke Watanabe (George Ikaruga in Ultraman Mebius) is going to be in the Prince of Tennis Musical!!!! Apparently he will have the same role Yuu Shirota used to have...not that I really know much about Tenimyu.

Anyway, it is kind of weird. I always thought they looked somewhat similar in appearances (probably had to do with the whole Spanish thing; either that or I need my eyesights checked ^_^'), but I never dreamed that there would be any tangible connection. (Side Note: Back when I was watching both Ultraman Mebius and Kamen Rider Kabuto weekly, I did try to connect Watanabe with Kazuki Kato, a former Tenimyu actor who played Daisuke Kazama in Kabuto: Daisuke (Watanabe) -> Daisuke (Kazama) = Kazuki Kato. (What can I say? I never admit to being quite normal...))

I guess this means I have more incentive to watch the musical (keep putting it off mostly due to lack of subtitles, but I may try watching raws).

(Apparently you can send Watanabe a fan mail, but will he see it???)

EDIT: Yes! This news is confirmed now. ^___^

And more info/pics.
Tags: daisuke watanabe, kazuki kato, tenimyu, ultraman mebius, yuu shirota
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