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Short Mebius fic in which Mebius himself doesn't show up...

Title: The Favor (working title until I can think of a better one)
Spoilers: Let's just say up to episode 11. (If you have seen 11, I think you're safe.)
What it is: Mostly strange dialogue between Serizawa and Sakomizu. Or is it?
Disclaimer: Tsuburaya owns (almost) everyone who makes an appearance in this fic and everyone in Mebius universe who doesn't make an appearance.
Author's Note: This was whipped up in less than two hours. As thus, I do not guarantee any accuracy in characterizations. It is not a serious fic either. And I must admit that something is simply pulled out of nowhere...

The Favor


Serizawa was passing through a park near GUYS base when Sakomizu approached him.

"Can I ask you a favor, Serizawa-kun?"

Serizawa glanced at him. "What is it?"

Sakomizu looked down. "I...need an Ultraman."

Serizawa scowled. "What?! You already have one under your command. Go bother him." He turned away and started to walk off.

Sakomizu touched Serizawa's shoulder. "No! You don't understand. Mebius cannot help me. Only you can."

Serizawa looked at Sakomizu's hand, then sighed. "All right. Take your hand away and we will talk."


"You're crazy!" Serizawa shouted.

Sakomizu put a finger to his own lips. "Please, calm down."

"You're telling me to calm down when what you suggest is ridiculous. Yes, ridiculous!" Serizawa put a hand to his forehead. "What was the management thinking, putting this buffoon in my place?" he muttered. Louder, he said, "how did you ever get admitted to GUYS, Captain Sakomizu?"

Sakomizu smiled. "Oh, the Inspector General took a personal interest in me, ever since I saved his life. But you are not really interested in my history, are you, Serizawa-kun?"

"I'm damned well interested in your supposed credentials, Captain Sakomizu. It is my fervent wish that GUYS is left in good hand, and, permit me to be blunt, I don't think you are doing a very good job if this latest idiocy of yours is anything to go by."

Sakomizu bowed his head. "Please, Serizawa-kun! I really need your help."

Serizawa glared at the current GUYS captain. "Let me get your story correct. You want to use my body, and the Ultraman inside me, to do god-know-what. And in the meanwhile, I'm stuck in your body and have to try to convince those under your command that I'm their captain."

"You won't have to try very hard. No one will believe you are not Captain Sakomizu when you look exactly like him."

"I must be crazy, too, for even considering this. How long are you going to be needing my body for?"

A gleam appeared in Sakomizu's eyes. "Oh, hopefully not too long. So, can we do this now?"

Serizawa held up a hand. "Not so fast, Captain. I need to see and inspect this so-called machine of yours first."

Sakomizu's smile was a little strained. "Of course, Serizawa-kun. But I'm a little hurt that you apparently don't trust me enough."

Serizawa shrugged. "I don't want to be floating somewhere without a body if this experiment of yours goes wrong." He sighed again. "Well, lead the way."


"This is it, a Nano-METEOR Separator," Sakomizu announced with pride in his voice.

"You are wasting METEOR on this frivolous contraption?! I don't think I'm going to help you, after all. In fact, I'm going to ask your superiors to reconsider your position as a GUYS captain."

Sakomizu pursed his lips. "That is not fair! I took a considerable risk showing you my machine. The least you could do, Serizawa-kun, is to hold up to your end of the bargain."

Serizawa eyed the Nano-METEOR Separator. "Leaving aside the fact that you use METEOR for it, this machine does not seem very safe."

"I am insulted, Serizawa-kun. What do I need to do to dispel your skepticism?"

Serizawa smiled. "A pout does not suit you, Captain. As for what you need to do to convince me, perhaps you should demonstrate your machine by using it to switch with someone else first."

"I can't switch with just anyone! Otherwise I would have asked them and not you."

"Ouch! Now you hurt my feelings, Captain Sakomizu." Upon the other man's crestfallen expression, Serizawa put a hand on Sakomizu's shoulder. "But it's okay. You just need an Ultraman, right? Why don't you ask Mebius?"

"Mebius only disguises himself as a human. I can't switch with someone who has no real human body."

"Now I'm beginning to understand." Serizawa stroked his chin, then smiled. "All right, I'm convinced. You can turn on that thing now," he said, pointing at the Nano-METEOR Separator.

Sakomizu did as told. The machine was humming to life and was shooting out sparks upward. "I need you over there on that blue spot," he called to Serizawa.

Serizawa pointed at the blue circle on the floor near the machine. "That blue spot?"

Upon Sakomizu's nod, Serizawa pulled out Knight Brace and shoot at the blue circle, shattering it and the floor beneath it.

"What have you done?!" Sakomizu cried.

"Destroying your evil contraption," Serizawa replied with a growl. He proceeded to shoot at the other similar circles on the floor and then at the switch that turned on the machine, frying it with electric shocks.

Sakomizu fell down to his knees. "My Nano-METEOR Separator!" He stood up and glared at Serizawa. "I demand compensations..." His voice choked. "I trusted you, Serizawa-kun." He pulled out a gun and aimed it at Serizawa. But before he could fire, the gun was shot out of his hand.

"My, my. This drama has gone on long enough."

Sakomizu's eyes widened. "YOU! Who are you?!"

"That's the question I should be asking you, my dear impostor. Only that I believe I know exactly who you are, Bogal."

The fake Sakomizu hissed and transformed back into his true shape.

Serizawa tilted his head. "It *is* really Bogal. How did you know that, Captain Sakomizu?"

Sakomizu shrugged. "Your or rather Tsurugi's mission to wipe out all Bogals apparently makes you a target."

"But I believed Tsurugi and Mebius destroyed the last Bogal."

Sakomizu shrugged again. "This one has survived somehow."

"Hey! Don't talk as if I am not around!" the Bogal snapped at both humans.

Serizawa glanced at the Bogal. "He's right, we should do something about him."

"Should we tie him up, or kill him?"

Serizawa shook his head. "Don't kill him, unless it is absolutely necessary. For some reason, my instinct to kill has greatly diminished after Tsurugi left. Besides, this Bogal looks harmless enough."

The Bogal glared at the former GUYS captain. "You will be sorry for underestimating me!" He lunged at Serizawa and pinned him to the floor. They looked at one another. Then the Bogal's eyes softened and he turned into an attractive human female, whose appearance was not unlike the human form of the last Bogal. His face registering no surprise, Serizawa reached up and pulled the human Bogal down toward him.

Smiling slightly, Sakomizu exited the room.



End Note: Well, this is inspired by episode 11 (but clearly doesn't resemble it), and by what jeff_morris said in one of the comments here. Sorry if you were expecting something different or something more sensible. ^^;; Anyway, thanks for reading. :)
Tags: fanfic, one shot, short fic, ultraman mebius
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