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Shigeshoshi 3 (spoilers)

This is one episode thus far that makes the body of the week seems more than just that, to the point that I wish they kill off someone else rather than her. But since this show revels in its predictability, the lonely office lady has to go. And since this happens three episodes in, I can safely say that Mamiya gets called out to do embalming only when he is hanging out with the girls and playing darts. I think he says the same line every time the girls ask him about the call too. (Something about an angel (tenshi), from my limited understanding.) Also, as far as being repetitive goes, there is the obligatory shower scene, which I find somewhat ironic, since embalming is not a "clean" job. (As a note, I find in my experience that any fictional show that has an announcer explaining a crucial scene or whatnot has to be formulaic.)

The confrontation between the doctor and Mamiya I saw from the preview occurs much earlier than I thought. I'm not sure I understand, though, whether she calls him out on her own, or that Renji (the guy Mamiya works for) does for her.

I think I like Mamiya. He cheers up the office lady when no one else seems to really bother.

Mitsuru continues to have a limited screen time and to sing horribly but I'm too happy that he shows up at all to continue bitching about that. This week's episode, however, is an improvement in that he seems to appear longer than his usual 20 - 30 seconds and in more than one scene. :) That party Mitsuru gets invited to seems to be the source of much amusement among the characters who are there; even the seemingly strait-laced Renji appears to have fun.

I find it sad that people/her co-workers leave the office lady alone while she was alive, and only come to visit her now that she is no longer here to appreciate the gesture.

On a related note, this appears to be the first time Mamiya attends the funeral of the person he embalmed. Of course, I might be wrong (and my memory is rather lamentably bad). I just can't recall seeing him in formal attire before...

And maybe I have more to say, but this is all I can think of at the moment.
Tags: drama, shigeshoshi
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