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My reactions to the 2008 Ultraman Movie rumors:

::sighs:: It sort of gives me headache trying to keep up with all the unconfirmed information on the movie. Think I'm now at the point of trusting only official information. (Don't really want to get my hope up so I don't end up being disappointed.) Other folks (especially those at Lah!) are welcome to continue speculating on the movie (not that I can really stop anyone from talking about it even if I want to, which I don't; this is strictly about me), but I'm not going to actively looking for/searching out the rumors on my own anymore. Part of the problem for me is that I've never been in the loop about a new movie this early, or at all actually. In the past, I usually stayed in my happy ignorance so I never read about conflicting information, therefore I never had to really form an opinion one way or the other until after the movie actually came out. (Ha, and I almost never got to watch any movie until its release on DVD anyway. I'm not even going to touch on my secret wish of actually watching an Ultraman movie in theater when the Narita Airport and the Osaka Airport were all of Japan I had ever personally set foot in thus far.) In any case, I do believe that rumors (and by rumors I mean anything not coming from official sources) can be entertaining, as long as I remember to treat them as such.

Randomly, though, if the defense teams for the Ultras show up in the movie, I wonder what Shinjo, the GUTS officer from Ultraman Tiga, is going to do. Would his actor play Kadokura (Marina's racing coach from Mebius) too? Not that anyone really seems to care whether he shows up, I guess. Not to mention that Kadokura isn't really important to the storyline either. (Think he makes his final appearance (and his only one after ep 13) in ep 29.) Heck, except Mirai, GUYS as a whole is not at all important to the storyline of the Mebius movie.

Anyway, this guy certainly loves Tsuburaya, or Tsuburaya certainly love him. (BTW, I totally forgot to include him in this list of the actors appearing in both Mebius and Nexus; for the record, he was in the Nexus Special.) Seriously, though, I believe Shigeki Kagemaru is part of Tsuburaya's acting troupe or something similar. At any rate, he certainly has been in most of their recent productions.

And on that note, maybe I should re-watch Tiga (even though I'm still two episodes behind on Kamen Rider Den-O). I just really love Shinjo. But then again, I like practically every member of GUTS, perhaps with the exception of Yazumi, whom I'm mostly indifferent to. (Think his type of character (geekish/nerdish) was done better later in the form of Gamu from Ultraman Gaia.)

A few observations on Mebius 13:

Rinko, the mountain climber, was played by Asuka Shimizu, whom I last saw in Guyferd. I believe she is some sort of martial artist in real life. Wish I could see her in more things, though.

Would prefer it more if Hikari shows up at most half way through the fight instead of at the very end. But this does remind me of Tiga 16, where another person helps Tiga right at the very end too. It doesn't bother me there, however, but then, unlike Hikari, that person in Tiga is not a recurring character.

I think, going by Marina's descriptions, Konomi and the captain seem like the most normal people. (They are still weird, perhaps just not as weird as some of the others.)

And I almost literally facevaulted when Marina got to Mirai. I cannot believe that I have to watch fushigichan's subs up to this episode before realizing why the group is called "Fushigi-chan", or where the name comes from at any rate. Given my claim of being slightly(?) acquainted with the Japanese language, I'm really, really the most oblivious person for not making the connection earlier. ^^;;;

On a related note, I've half wondered about this for some time now: how is Rinko able to identify Mirai so quickly? Why can't he be something else other than "fushigi-chan" ("little oddball", a translation I'm totally in love with ^___^)? I concede that Mirai doesn't look anything like a vain playboy, but he could be a monsters fanatic/fanboy for all Rinko knows.
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