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Thoughts and notes on Kamen Rider Den-O (up to episode 39)

Apologies for a rather disorganized, most likely incoherent post. Also, my thoughts on 37, 38 and 39 could totally be wrong since I haven't watched them with subs. (Not to say that I couldn't have been mistaken about other episodes too, of course.)

Poking around on the Wiki page revealed that Youichi Furuya, who played GUTS Officer Jun Yazumi (1) from Ultraman Tiga, was in Den-O 35 as the guy who wants to win a singing contest (i.e. that week's contract holder). I just find it a strange coincidence that I mentioned Yazumi in the other entry without recognizing his actor in Den-O at all. Must admit that I still don't see the physical resemblance actually (probably because of different hairstyles; Yazumi had longer hair), but when the contract holder's voice gets high, it does sound very similar to Yazumi's voice.

EDIT: Hana speculations deleted. I don't know what to believe anymore and regret bringing the subject up in the first place. I want to talk about Den-O, not to pass judgment on its actors/actresses.

(1) I'm very grateful that every time Tsuburaya name a guy Jun, he goes by his last name. Even though I realize that it is a name for both genders, Jun sounds too much like a female name to me. -_-

Episodes 37 - 38: I do not like Kai, and mostly cannot stand him. Just my luck, he probably stays in the series for the time being. How dare Kai manipulates Ryutaros that way? Oh right, the plot demands it. Not to mention his dancing sucks compared to Ryuta's. He most likely mindwashes people into cheering for him because I can't see how they would voluntarily get excited over something that bad. Not that I really know anything about breakdancing, except that Ryotaro's actor, Takeru Sato, is apparently very good at it, so maybe my opinion is just that, an opinion.

(Just to be clear, I don't dislike a character simply because he is a bad guy, but because he exploits another character's weakness(es). Then again, it is probably too much to ask these days for a villain who fights fairly.)

Also, if I haven't already loved Yuto, I would have fallen in love with him in this set of episodes. He is just so forgiving, even though Ryuta really does cause a lot of trouble (and potential damages). Maybe Yuto realizes that, somewhat unhealthy obsession with Ryotaro's sister aside, Ryuta is just a kid who doesn't really know any better. Nevertheless, Yuto is totally awesome anyway since he does not even hesitate to protect Ryuta. (Must confess that, for a moment, I did fear a senseless fight similar to the one in episode 21. I should have more faith in Yuto. It probably helped that Ryuta didn't seem to care for a fight either; he mostly ran away from Yuto, and the most he did was shoving Yuto away. Anyway, Ryuta had no card to transform with even if he wanted to.)

It is a good thing that Yuto has his Zeronos cards (3) (4), otherwise they would all be screwed, with no rider to fight the imagins. And he does not disappoint. Zeronos fights really well (even though the imagin escapes), or maybe it seems that way because I don't have Den-O's fight to distract me, but I'd rather believe in the former.

Ryotaro's imagins fighting in their true forms is kind of neat (well, this is the first time, I think; the novelty might wear off after a while), especially when they seem to fight in the same way they do in their respective Den-O forms. Totally cool that they blow up their enemies (I agree that these guys seem like rejected Zectroopers from Kamen Rider Kabuto) at the same time too. And I'll probably never get tired of hearing Kin announcing "Dynamic Chop" after the fact.

I don't envy Naomi, and to a lesser extent, Deneb, for being in the out-of-control train ride. Kind of wished that Deneb could have stopped the trains by himself, though.

Two Owners are totally freaky. I personally could do without any. To me, the rice thing is never funny. As far as these guys go, my sense of humor is probably defective. -_-

Ryo seems to get a better hang of Liner Form this time around. Hope that he continues to do so and relies less on his imagins. (5)

I sure hope Ryuta learns his lessons about whom to trust. And, even though it is most likely not intentional, he probably should not be allowed to continue abusing Ryo's body. I do feel bad for him, though, when Airi rejects him completely. (The picture he has drawn of her looks so nice. I almost hope she gets to see it one day.)

(3) I never once believed episode 32 would feature the last appearance of Zeronos. It just seemed to me that things must be more complicated than simply a loss of card after each transformation. I just didn't know then what it was that Yuto lost each time he used a card to become Zeronos. (Though I should have guessed, since this show seems to give a lot of importance to a person's memory's relationship to time itself. While the concept most likely has been touched on before, I never really get a clear idea of how a memory works to effect a person's existence until episode 34. Or do the show's writers actually contradict part of what they said in earlier episodes? I'm kind of confused...)

(4) Good of Ryo to not throw Yuto's cards away into the sea or something, but that whole confrontation scene in episode 36 seems like a lazy way to get in a conversation they need to have (i.e. what the show should have told the viewers much earlier, imo). Gee, Ryo doesn't even take the cards away for ten minutes (a viewer's time, though I don't think much time has passed in the episode itself either), so there is no real sense of fear/uncertainty about what Ryo might do to the cards. Not that I want Yuto and Ryo to physically fight, but I wish to see Yuto work a bit harder than simply explaining/saying something to Ryo in order to get the cards back. Or maybe I wish Yuto to be more selfish and doesn't want the cards back, at least for a little while.

Randomly, Ryo shaking Airi's shoulders in the same episode kind of threw me off a bit. Ryo just seemed so non-confrontational I never thought I would see the day he felt compelled to be more assertive (at least in regard to his sister). The sad, sad thing was that Airi wasn't even fighting with him the way she was in one of the episodes (where Ryo just mostly gave her cold shoulders); she simply stared at him with her confused, mostly vacant look.

(5) Probably an unfound theory, but Momotaros and the other imagins might have separated from Ryo on purpose in episodes 35 and 36, in order to help him become stronger, and consequently obtain the Liner form. I just don't want to give much credence to this theory because, as much as I like Ryo's imagins, they don't seem intelligent enough (except Ura? Ryuta?) to come up with the idea. (Well, they do come up with something related to help Ryo at any rate.) Still, when Ryo starts to ask his imagins something at the end of 36, they mostly dodge his question. So I just don't know.

ETA on Oct. 28th, 2007 @ 04:44 pm: SPOILERS for 39. Do not go any further if you haven't watched episode 39 or cannot to be spoiled. (I personally would be very unhappy if I accidentally read them before watching.)

Episode 39:


Okay, so Yuto disappeared in this episode. I hadn't expected it, but can't say it has totally surprised me either. Ryo really had bad luck. He couldn't save the piano guy in episode 34, and now he let Yuto cease to exist. As with the case of the piano guy, no one remembers Yuto, so when the past is set right, he does not return. I think Ryo said he and Hana remember Yuto, but I think Kohana said it must be someone unlike them (a non-singularity point perhaps?) who remembers Yuto. The coffee shop is totally changed and now Airi is so very far from remembering Yuto, whereas before she had a few moments of wondering about him.

Kai continued to piss me off. At this point, I don't think I'm objective anymore about my hatred of him, so I think I'm going to shut up from now on.

I was glad to see the merry-go-round Ryo's imagins were in again. Kind of missed it in 38.

And if Zero Form turns out to be Ryotaro, I'm going to stop watching this show.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to write more on this episode after I've seen it with subs. I'm more likely not to write another post since I spend way too much time as it is updating this post with trivial, absolutely unimportant stuff that only marginally pertains to Den-O.

Me being tl;dr about some stuff that I feel the need to get out of my chest. Ranty and needlessly wordy and blunt and more honest than I probably should. If you really love Den-O, you may not wish to read the part right after this. If you value your sanity, you may not wish to continue reading at all.

On a totally unrelated note, Halloween-themed viewing option for the win. (No abbreviation for me; could easily be mistaken for another similar expression.) For all I know, LJ have it every year, but this is the first time I see it, so there. :P



Thirty-nine episodes in, and I'm still not really sure of my feelings on this show. On one hand, there have been some really entertaining episodes. But on the other hand, most of the time I don't really feel motivated to watch more after I've finished each story arc. It is probably wrong to say that the show is episodic, since it does develop the plot and the characters (compared to another current toku I watch that ignores them completely), but sadly I've never really felt quite connected to any character from this show. (No, I have not contradicted what I have said earlier, at least on this subject. While I do love some characters and enjoy seeing their appearances, I do not completely (or sometimes even remotely) understand the motivations of even one character from this show. This is what I mean by not feeling connected and most likely the biggest reason I do not feel confident enough to try writing fan-fictions for this show.) Most of the characters have their moments, and I sympathize, applaud, whatnot, at the time, but then the next episode rolls around and they are back to being their regular selves again, as if those intense, heart-breaking, prior events have never happened. I'm fine with Den-O being (and staying) a light-hearted show (god know I need more of these; there are far too many depressing stuff around), but a little continuity character-wise would not come amiss.

And I do feel the need to admit that, yes, I sometimes do read other posts on the show before I write my own, and I may, on occasions, say something similar. I'm not going to say anything about such occurrences being intentional or not intentional, however. Face it, how many people can truthfully say that they have never said anything similar to what other people have said, knowingly or otherwise? If I want to make the same point, I really don't want to stop saying it just because a few people may have written it down before me. After all, we are watching the same show, it is almost inevitable that we are going to notice/pick out at least a few things in common. (And it might look strange if I avoid mentioning a very obvious plot point just to not be repetitive. Not to say that I cannot unintentionally skip some rather obvious things; I'm not the most observant person I know.) Shoe is on the other foot, too. Speaking generally (and not about Den-O specifically), sometimes, a few points I most likely have made first (because I wrote them out less than half an hour after an episode was made available) end up elsewhere, but since I can never be sure if those instances are nothing more than coincidences, I do not say anything about them. Besides, I'm mostly non-confrontational.

(Actually, I'm not really hung up about getting credit or whatnot, unless it is a direct plagiarism of my words, which thankfully hasn't happened yet. And yes, this is probably my ego speaking, but I can and do recognize my ideas sometimes. Still, I'm more happy to see them spread/shared than to worry that people wouldn't know they most likely have originated from me. I take other people's ideas too, so I guess we are about even.)

Again, speaking generally, personally, I'll acknowledge having seen the ideas, opinions, observations somewhere else if I'm sure I'm very unlikely to think of/come up with them on my own. And if those thoughts are very specific, I will try to credit the person/group, if I can remember who they are. Selfishly, this is mostly done to salve my own conscience.

(Admittedly, I'm making a sweep generalization here where in truth I really cannot speak for anyone but myself. Nevertheless, I would be very interested in hearing different point of views or simply your thoughts on the subject(s) of my rant(s) if you are still here and would not mind providing them. In any case, you have my thanks for reading my rants, especially since they are scary walls of texts. I can't rant in short paragraphs, it seems. :P )

On an unnecessary note, I'm completely caught up, a feat I have achieved only a few times in regard to this show, and now it appears that I wouldn't be able to stay behind for at least another two weeks. So I spend all my time Sunday and Monday (so far) editing this post for 20 55 times (counting this one, which I make solely to put the final number in), according to Semagic. And mostly on trivial things. ::is scared of herself sometimes::
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