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[Ultraman Mebius Fanfic] Idyllic Outing - Part 3

All parts of this fic so far are tagged here. Disclaimer and Notes are in Part 1.

Just so you know, this is Mirai/Ryuu or Ryuu/Mirai. I haven't rated this fic, but it is pretty safe otherwise. My thanks and enjoy if you read it.

Idyllic Outing - Part 3

Holding hands, Ryuu and Ima were strolling in a park not far from Phoenix Nest.

"Where are we going?" Ryuu asked.

Ima shrugged. "I thought you had an idea, Ryuu-san. As you said, I don't really know about humans, let alone where they consider a good place for a date."

Ryuu squeezed her hand. His gaze softened. "Hey. Still mad about that?"

Ima shook her head. "No. You are right, after all. I still have a lot to learn."

"Surely you have learned something by now. Where did you go with Jinguuji-san?"

Shuddering, Ima shook her head again. "I would rather not have a repeat of that date. It was fine until Yapool appeared. Everything that happened afterward was a nightmare."

"Sorry for leaving you alone, but we couldn't contact you."

"Yes, I know. It's okay, Ryuu-san. I'm glad that we are together now."

Ryuu smiled, then frowned. "I still don't know where we are going."

"Yo!" A hand slapped on Ryuu's shoulder.

Letting go of Ima's hand, he whipped around. "Who... Isana-san?!"

"Nice civvies. Couldn't tell that you had such a great taste in clothing, tough guy. And the pretty lady here is your girlfriend?" He bowed with a flourish. "Hello, sweetheart. If this guy doesn't treat you right you can always come to me."

Ryuu growled. "Get your own damn date!" he snapped.

Isana put up both hands. "Sorry. I do envy you guys, that's all. She has stars in her eyes while looking at you. And you, tough guy, seem quite mellow while looking at her."

Ima was blushing and keeping her face turned toward Ryuu's chest. Ryuu looked at Isana. "Not to be rude, but we are leaving." Squeezing Ima's hand, he guided her away.

"Hey!" Isana called after them. "Take her to the movie. There's this new Godzilla movie that I--"

"Why would I want to take my date to see an unromantic movie?" Ryuu shot back.

"Well, go to an amusement park then. Your girlfriend would love that, I'm sure."

"Actually, Ryuu-san, I would love to see the Godzilla movie." Ima turned toward Isana and bowed. "Thank you very much for your suggestions."

Isana smiled at her. "Anything for a pretty lady."

"Flattery comes easily to you, doesn't it?" Ryuu asked in an annoyed voice.

Isana had an innocent look on his face. "I'm being honest here, Aihara."

"At least for this time." Ryuu sighed. "Well, since my date was thoughtful enough to thank you, I suppose I must too. So yeah, thanks."

"You're so very welcome. Have a nice date. See you later." Isana waved at them and walked the other way. He grinned. "I really haven't lied. Mebi-chan is really cute in that get-up."


Ryuu touched Ima's shoulder. "You okay?"

"I think so." Ima floundered through her purse and pulled out a handkerchief. She wiped her mouth with it. "I somehow got infected with the human's superstition of sneezing when someone was talking about me."

"Who the heck was talking about you?"

"Isana-san. He knows exactly who I am."

Ryuu shook his head. "Leave off your Ultra sense of hearing for a while and just enjoy the day as a normal human, will you? And I wouldn't worry about Isana. He hadn't blabbed the last time around, so I doubt he would say anything this time either."

"It's not that I'm afraid he would say anything to give away my secret. I'm simply not comfortable with the fact that he figured out it was me while I look like this." She indicated herself.

"I told you before about the reason, remember? You shouldn't have said anything to him." Then Ryuu smiled. "Anyway, cheer up. Where do you like to go first? The amusement park, or the movie?"

"Let's stop at the theater. We can check the time for the Godzilla movie. If it is later we can go to the amusement park first."


"I'm not going after them! I have work to do, you Spaniard!"

"Don't look at me, George-san. I'm so behind I don't know when I will ever catch up."

"I'm sorry, George-san. I ran into Suzaki-kun and went with him, so hadn't really learned anything about Imako-san. Now I have to stay here to compensate for the time I took off this morning."

George glared at his teammates. "Fine! I don't need to hear your excuses. I'll go by myself." He turned to leave.


He stopped. "Captain?"

"You have work to do too."

George sat down. "Can you make an exception for me, Captain?"

Sakomizu studied him, then stood. "Let's go outside."


"Can I ask why you feel so strongly about Ryuu spending his time with the young woman?"

George leaned against Phoenix Nest rooftop railing. "I don't really know the reason either. It isn't like I hadn't done it myself, dating a few women at the same time."

Sakomizu cocked his head. "Is it because you believe that Ryuu is neglecting Mirai?"

"Surprisingly, no. That guy is loyal, despite what I might have said otherwise." He turned to face Sakomizu. "It is the senorita. There is something about her, Captain. I think she is stringing Ryuu along."

"Why do you think so?"

"Her shy, scared look. She must be a very good actress. No one on earth at her age could truly be that innocent."

Sakomizu chuckled. "Don't worry about Ryuu, George. Ryuu knows exactly what he is doing."


"The things you said weren't entirely wrong, but there are reasons for them. I suggest you have a talk with Ryuu instead of accusing him."

"He wouldn't talk to me. He basically told me to get lost."

"As I said, talk, not accuse. You probably need to calm down a little bit yourself." He clasped George on the shoulder. "Tell you what? I'll let you guys have the time off. You can observe Ryuu and the young woman, to set your mind at ease that there is nothing untoward. From afar, mind you."

George beamed. "Gracias, Captain."



Teppei, Marina, George and Konomi straightened up from behind the bushes.


He leaned toward them. "Don't tell me, you guys want to follow your teammates."

"Our teammates?" Marina asked.

"The action tough guy and your resident ultra."

Marina stared at him. "You... how do you know about Mirai-kun?"

He quirked a brow. "Short-term memory? I wrote it down for you guys how."

"Let me handle this." George swept Marina behind his back and stepped toward Isana. "I'll thank you for getting out of our way now."

"Don't get mad. I happen to know exactly where they are headed."

"What do you mean? Ryuu and Mirai are together?"

Isana half-smiled. "I mean the tough guy and his pretty date. They probably go to the movie theater to find out the time the Godzilla movie is playing, and then leave for the amusement park."

"Let's go," George said to his teammates.

Marina went after George. However, Konomi stopped and bowed. "Thank you for telling us, Isana-san." She hesitated, then added, "Um... may I ask why you didn't tell us that it was Mirai-kun who was Ryuu-san's date?"

"Figured it out, didn't you? I wasn't sure if all of you guys know, that's all." He turned toward Teppei. "You also know, don't you? You were the one who warned the others to be careful around me the last time I was at Phoenix Nest."

Teppei nodded weakly.

"Hey, stop making such worried faces. I'm trustworthy. Hadn't I proved it by not telling anyone what I know?"

"Teppei. Konomi. What are you doing?" George called.

"We're coming, George-san," Konomi called back. She bowed. "Thank you again, Isana-san. Let's go, Teppei-san."

"See you later. I'm going to keep Sakomizu-san's company for a while. He must be lonely with all his darling underlings away."

Teppei shook his head. "Can that guy really be trusted?" he muttered under his breath.
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