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Shigeshoshi 4 (spoilers)

(Got this one in just before the next episode airs, I believe.)

Okay, this episode seemed to contradict some of what I said in earlier posts. Let's see...

- An actual continuity from last episode (only the little bit at the end of 3, but it was more than the previous episodes had, which was none). Oh, and also that bit about that doctor (Koyuki-sensei?) knowing about Mamiya being an embalmer.

- The goth girl, Aria (I think that is her name, but I could be wrong), didn't succeed in picking up Mamiya. (So he is discriminating after all? Or more likely he draws a line at sleeping with a high school kid...)

- Ending of this one was quite upbeat, compared to the previous episodes' rather depressing endings. Mamiya didn't pick up a random woman, or she didn't pick him up; that was already done earlier in the episode right after the embalming. Personally, I like seeing him looking sort of goofy with Mitsuru. (My bias is showing, but seriously, I prefer a positive scene over a negative one, (mostly) irregardless of characters in it.)

- As for the body of the week, the tennis girl, I don't think the viewers ever saw her alive. She was there only for Aria to be reformed or whatever.

- Mamiya didn't get called to do embalming from a bar playing darts, but from home, where Mitsuru was being a pest, but he was such a cute pest so I totally didn't mind. ^^

- Admit of fearing for a moment that the show would double the body count this week, but the fear was gone after seeing Aria woke up in the hospital bed.

- Not understanding what Aria wanted exactly. I could only go by the photographs she took of Mamiya going to do the embalming that she meant to blackmail him, but for what? She seemed to have no friend, and probably very depressed, if she was thinking of ending her life. (That's me stating the obvious, I know, but anyway, it was pretty much all I got from her character.)

- Um...I don't know that it is a good idea for Mamiya to have that kind of lab where random strangers can just waltz in. (Not conducive to keeping a secret, I think.) Shouldn't it be locked down in basement or somewhere more inaccessible perhaps? But maybe I'm expecting too much realism in a fictional show.

Overall, this episode seemed to have a different feel from the previous episodes. I just can't seem to really put my hand on the changes besides a few I've already mentioned. It was refreshing that for once Mamiya had a meaningful interaction with someone and they didn't die by the end of the episode. I admit, however, that I'm not sure that I prefer Shigeshoshi to continue focusing on the living instead of the dead. Though perhaps I should, because it is probably better to be positive. But I kind of like seeing that a body of the week isn't simply that, but someone with hopes and dreams before fate unfortunately takes them away from this world. People/relatives simply talking about the deceased after the fact just doesn't seem to have the same level of impact. It is just not personal enough, I guess.

(Totally random observation: this show seems to like killing females more than males: three women vs. one man so far. I'm not sure what message it is sending, if any.)
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