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Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 40 (Spoilers)

This is sort of terse. I may write another post when I've seen this episode subbed.

Yuto is back, but not truly back. Ryo's world is set to right again, but still not the same as before. And if someone can explain to me the exact process involved in Yuto's return, I would be grateful. (I guess it has something to do with him being Zeronos, but I really don't know anything beyond that.)

Also, I wasn't at all serious in my previous Den-O post about Ryo being Zero. (I could have made it clear, but my sense of humor was kinda dead that day.) It might sound unbelievable since I say this after the fact, but I gave like 99.99% chance of Yuto being Zero. (I would like to say that the other 0.01% was reserved for the watchman, but the truth is I don't know what or who my uncertainty was for. I wouldn't normally consider the watchman being a rider if the Zero form hasn't come up. After all, if he can be a rider himself, why uses Yuto at all?) Hadn't bargained on the price of his memories being wiped out, though.

On that note, I really, really love how they do those sequences of Yuto's memories being erased, even though it is too heart-breaking that he wouldn't remember anymore. Or maybe I haven't watched many toku shows, so I'm too easily impressed; for all I know, similar-looking scenes happen all the time elsewhere. (I hope not, though. I really don't want those beautiful scenes to be commonplace.)

(EDIT: I'm so deeply embarrassed. No one seems to like the rusting of Zeronos. But I still do, so I'm not removing it. Still, next time I probably won't make a whole paragraph about something I like, and just make a brief mention of it instead.)

And yeah, I cried a little when Deneb blankly said, "who?" when Ryo asked him about Yuto.

I don't know if I should be glad or sad that the Climax form is back in this episode.

Oh, not strictly about this episode, but the Imajins singing the new OP is way too cute. (I like this OP more than the AAA version. For now anyway, since it's still new.)

One thing I'm kinda upset with KR (and probably other toku shows too) is when the characters are about to get hit with something that would surely result in their deaths, they just stay there waiting for it, making no effort to hide or anything, just so they could be saved in the nick of time by another character(s). This annoyed me more so than normal since it happened not once but twice in this episode. I felt the suspense in this kind of scene when I was younger, I guess, but not now.
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