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Possible characteristics of tokusatsu hero(es)

(Sorry for writing again so soon. But this doesn't exactly fit in with the previous post.)

Apart from their costumes (if they do wear ones) or their superpowers (if they do have ones), I ask myself what I would use to separate the tokusatsu heroes from the other characters, and here is the checklist I come up with. I think I'll just go through this list line-by-line. Please keep in mind that these are more likely my personal preferences than any sort of real definition. Also, this list is by no means finished. I'll probably add more to it when new thoughts occur to me.

1. A hero puts other people before himself.
- Self-explanatory, I hope.

2. A hero knows how to relax, yet is serious when it counts.
- All work and no play can make anyone dull, so I guess he must at least have some sort of personality. Yet, if he is being goofy all the time, I might be less inclined to trust him to the task of saving the world.

3. A hero is a good role model for kids to look up to.
- This one is probably all purpose, I suppose. Most of the time, he must encompass all other good qualities in order to be able to fit in here. And he probably should relate well to children, or at least should give some indication that he would be able to.

4. A hero is not perfect, but he realizes his limitation(s) and acts accordingly.
- This one falls under the category of not biting off more than one can chew. He shouldn't act as if he has all the answers and does something rash and consequently causes some damage to himself and/or other innocent bystanders.

And now, I'll attempt to put the main characters of Ultraman Mebius through this checklist. Again, please keep in mind that the followings are probably colored by how I perceive the characters.


1. I see no real problem there. But perhaps there is the problem of him going over and beyond necessary sacrifices. (Related to Point 4.)
2. No problem there.
3. No problem there.
4. I think he does know that he isn't perfect, but he seems to push himself sometimes anyway, most likely because he thinks what he does is not enough.


1. Most of the time, but I think there is a few occasions where he can come across as being somewhat selfish.
2. No problem there.
3. I'm not sure. Will kids like Ryuu? Episode 24 shows a little of his interaction with kids and that doesn't seem to be a problem. But normally I think he might scare them. Also, being a hothead is not very much an admirable trait.
4. I think he has mostly the same problem as Mirai.


1. No problem there.
2. No problem there.
3. No problem there.
4. Most of the time, apart from one or two specific incidents.


1. Definitely no problem there.
2. Definitely no problem there.
3. Oddly enough, I don't know if he is a good role model nor can pinpoint to the reason(s), if any. He seems to be good with kids, at least.
4. No problem there.


1. No problem there.
2. No problem there.
3. Kids clearly adore her, but I'm not sure if she is exactly a good role model for them (see the following point, for example).
4. Her problem appears to go the other way. She seems to undervalue her abilities rather than overrate them.


1. No problem there.
2. No problem there.
3. I think he'll do fine with kids, if a little awkwardly. Otherwise, no problem there.
4. No problem there.


1. No problem there.
2. Definitely no problem there.
3. Definitely no problem there.
4. Definitely no problem there.

Wish I could do this for other characters in GUYS, too, but they mostly stay behind in the headquarter (and with more limited screen time), so I'm not sure how they might react. Not that I consider them any less heroes than the main seven, of course. It's debatable about Toriyama and Maru, yet they do come through when the situations call for them, so I don't know. Also, what little I see/know of Serizawa* suggests that his personality is mostly similar to Sakomizu, just perhaps a little more serious.

*the real Serizawa, without Hikari/Tsurugi confusion in the mix

(On a mostly off-tangent note: maybe the two GUYS captains' perceived similarity is the reason Ryuu seems opposed to Sakomizu at first: to Ryuu, Sakomizu is probably like an usurper, a paler copy of Serizawa. Either that, or I'm just reading into this more than I should. Ryuu seems dismissive of everyone connecting to the new GUYS, after all. Not that I think he has formed any lasting bond with the old GUYS other than with Serizawa, but I digress...)
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