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Ultraman "Climax Stories" DVDs

I just received yet another e-mail from CDJapan about the new Ultraman "Climax Stories" DVDs. Supposedly, each of these DVDs is the footage from the whole series edited so that it runs within one DVD (not sure how long, but guessing around 1 1/2 to 2 hours, because I'll probably be more upset than I am now if it doesn't at least run that long).

Anyway, I don't know about other people, but I personally don't care for this type of "digest" storytelling. Even though I realize that it probably does have all the vital, important scenes, I still feel one would miss so much with all the cutting and skipping around. At least Tsuburaya is upfront about it not containing any new scenes. It is okay, I think, if this is watched in supplement (in addition) to the original 50+ or 60+ or 30+ episodes series. But then I wonder what is the point, if the people who would find the DVD useful at all are the people who already follow the original series in the first place? Okay, for Tsuburaya to make more money, but other than that? And why wait until now since most of these series are not recent? I wonder if this is an attempt to get people excited about the new movie...

As far as I know, "Climax Stories" will be released for:

Ultraman Mebius (Release Date: 12/21/07)
CDJapan Link

Ultraman Tiga (Release Date: 01/25/08)
CDJapan Link

Ultraman Dyna (Release Date: 01/25/08)
CDJapan Link

Ultraman Gaia (Release Date: 01/25/08)
CDJapan Link

Ultraman Cosmos (Release Date: 02/22/08)
CDJapan Link

Ultraman Nexus (Release Date: 02/22/08)
CDJapan Link

Ultraman Max (Release Date: 02/22/08)
CDJapan Link
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