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My first year on LJ and George's photoset

Yes, I'm doing the Year in Review thing since I'd been seeing it so much. To make it worth your while (subjective opinion, of course ^^;;), I'm also going to comment briefly on each month.

Take the first sentence (or 2) from the first post of each month of 2007. That's your year in review.

Here are quick updates on anime I watch or don't watch:

It has been almost a year, and that post is still true. I'll finish those I need to finish one of these days.

I finally got a chance to watch Mebius Volume 7 DVD.

I don't remember how many more times I've watched the DVD. Not a lot, I guess, even though I rather like those episodes. My first DVD review. Man, I've come a long way.

I really do like this episode, much more than the other one where Mebius is also rendered useless early on in the episode.

Ha ha, I still like 46 better than the other episode.

I must not be a real fan of Ryunosuke Kawai after all.

Sadly, that is still true. First thing to do when I have time again, I'm looking up all TeniMyu he's in.

Been watching Mebius 37 - 40 (not the R2 since it's still on its way to me; stupid!me forgot to pre-order) and just had to poke a little fun at a few lines of dialogue from episode 37.

That was rather fun. When I have some free time, I think I should go look through Engrish subs and do more "poking fun" of the episodes.

My feelings are really all over the place for this set of episodes.

Sadly, those unsettled feelings more or less describe my feelings for the series as a whole too.

Here is Ultraman Mebius Movie Original Soundtrack.

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy that folks seem to enjoy my humble contribution. ^__^

The review for Mebius vol 13 DVD isn't really going anywhere fast.

The (in)famous parapara performed by Shunji Igarashi (Mirai). I'm taking this opportunity to put this clip out once more. Yes, go see it if you even remotely like UM Mebius and/or Igarashi. And if you can't see it for any reason, tell me and I'll help you until you can. Seriously, this is not to be missed. ::sighs, and wonders how to do better at this pimping thing:::

(Was meaning to post this a long time ago, but forgot.)

The Nexus episode EX download. The one with that guy who was in practically every recent Ultra series. The one with Shiori in spotlight. The one with Ren, whom I just adored. (I guess I adore this guy in everything, except perhaps in KR Kabuto.) I probably should write a better review/description if I want people to download it.

A few things I ordered from have arrived today.

Me boasting about my stuff. :| Probably not for the last time.

(Got this one in just before the next episode airs, I believe.)

As with everything coming out weekly, I've fallen behind on the series now. I'll catch up at the end, I hope.

I just received yet another e-mail from CDJapan about the new Ultraman "Climax Stories" DVDs.

Me being annoyed at the constant e-mails, even though I did sign up for those e-mails. Well, never say I was reasonable.

In other news, and the main reason I'm posting, I received Daisuke Watanabe (George in Mebius)'s tenimyu photoset in the mail today. I'm so very happy right now, I just have to share. However, it's probably not the best scanning job since I'm not familiar with the scanner I'm using and I don't think I've ever scanned photos before. (There are a lot of white specks on the dark background, for instance, but I tried my best.)

Well, I hope at least one more person other than me like these photos. :)

I've seen some comments that the new tenimyu seem to be good, but I don't know anything about it beyond that.

As a side note, I want to buy Rasshii's OOO photosets (and possibly a few other D-BOYS'), if I know where to order them. (Trying to avoid auctions if I can, but may have to as a last resort.)
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