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Signs that I'm (way too) obsessed with Mebius

1. Note when the word 'mirai' appears in toku songs or titles (I know it is a pretty common word, but I never really noticed before).

2. Downloaded a few Chinese subtitled episodes to see if I can get translations (have since stopped since I have more hope of understanding Japanese than Chinese).

3. Buy region 2 DVDs when I have limited spending money.

4. Downloaded torrents of HK DVDs just to get subtitles in barely understandable English.

5. Bought Shunji Igarashi photobook.

6. Rewatch episodes 1 - 32 (only these have any kind of English subtitles available) way too many times for my own good.

7. Bought Hatsukare R2 DVD just because Iga appeared in it (for only a few episodes, as it turned out).

8. Downloaded Ruri's Island just because Iga was very briefly in it. Highlight for a little spoiler --> sadly as a bully type who beats up a middle-aged man. Put me off from looking at any more of his previous work for a while. (Side note: the actor for Ban-san (Hiroto's father) was one of the regulars in this drama.)

9. Bought the Memorial Box Set for the movie even though I can't really read/understand all those cool storyboards (can only look at the drawings) nor the movie scripts.

10. Tried very hard to find Kenta Uchino's blog. (Apparently, he doesn't have one.)

11. Revive my all but dead journal mostly just for this show.

12. Managed to write several not so short entries for this show (an accomplishment for me since I'm still so very lazy).

13. Made "grasping at straws" comparisons with Kamen Rider Kabuto in this entry.

14. Joined an LJ community devoted to Iga (and a few of D-Boys members who haven't been in the Prince of Tennis Musicals).

15. I'm making this list.

16. Noted the names of all GUYS fighter jets even before I saw the wikipedia page on Mebius. (Quite an accomplishment for me since I never really paid attention to the different vehicles before and was only busy staring at the cute leads in them.)

17. Watch Hikari Saga even though I don't much like Hikari (too selfish; Serizawa is way too cool for him).

18. Named two of my manga characters 'Mirai' and two of my other manga characters 'Tsurugi'. 

19. I don't normally care for a slash pairing (in toku shows or anywhere), but Mirai/Ryu is one pairing that I actually wish doesn't exist solely in fanfictions.

20. Enjoy most of the episodes the Showa Ultras show up even though I usually don't like guest starring by someone(s) whose show(s) I have yet to see.

21. Downloaded two of the Mebius movie extras, even though I already have them on DVD (see this entry), only because I wasn't satisfied with the quality of my own encodes.

22. Think of sharing my encodes in #21. (Now I just need to try to abandon my chronic shyness and actually gather some courage to ask around if anyone besides me care for these extra behind-the-scene segments.)

23. Actually considered for a few moments buying replacement DVDs when I accidentally broke the DVD holder in two of the DVD cases (the discs themselves are fine though).

First time I have done this type of list. I'm sure I'm leaving out something obvious.
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