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In case you haven't noticed, mutual friends can now tag my posts. Go nuts, maybe. I want to see what kind of tags you give me. As long as it is done in good taste (subjective opinion, of course ^^), I promise not to delete any. ;)

As for the main subject of this post, there is something I really like to see more in Mebius, and from Mirai in particular: self-deprecating humor. I may be wrong, but I can't really recall Mirai saying anything self-deprecating while seeing the humor in it. Mostly he seems to get embarrassed or laugh to cover his embarrassment. I don't know, maybe I think so because it doesn't seem to me like Mirai's teammates laugh with Mirai as much as laugh at him, although they do it good-naturedly and in no way offensively.

I'm thinking that this is pretty much a human characteristic, the ability to laugh at one's own expense or folly or dilemma. I adore heroes (or other characters) who can do that convincingly. They would be half-whining, half-sarcastic or in some mixture of the two. They may even sound perfectly serious in their grievance. And yes, they very often assign blames, which are, for the most part, not imaginary. But at heart, they would never fail to pout prettily (or insert other endearing characteristic here) and make no real big deal out of their complaints.

Yes, I know tastes differ, and some people might find the type of self-deprecating behavior I'm describing annoying instead of endearing. I would attribute that mostly to humor being pretty much subjective; if a particular interpretation of humor works for me, I'm satisfied.

I wish I have some examples to illustrate my points better. But consider something like:

"God, why me? My weak wrist can't stand this."

"Leave me to clean up, why don't you?"

"They don't have to hit me so damn hard!"

(These are not real examples, because I simply can't remember the real lines or specifically where to look them up.)

Of course, the words don't mean much without the way they are said, accompanying actions, and so on. Some actors have no trouble pulling those actions off believably, and some, well... ::shrugs::

Well, that's it from me for now. I hope I make at least some sense to you, dear reader...
Tags: tokusatsu, ultraman mebius
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