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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

...aka George and Mirai being more similar than I originally thought.

I honestly don't know how I feel about this episode. On one hand, it is rather interesting with the multiplying alien and the way humans try to come up to outwit him. On the other hand, I don't like that Crew GUYS members still have things to fight about. It is already nineteen episodes in, people, it is about time you sit down and work together peacefully.

Anyway, I'm not sure if it's the way events unfold in this episode, or I'm just seeing things, but I think that having a special ability and being lonely/misunderstood thing everyone is discussing regarding George could also be applied to Mirai as well. Honestly. Not being a team player, checked (episode 18 is just a recent example). Having a special ability, checked (well, I guess being an ultraman counts as having a special ability). Keeping things to himself, checked (the secret of his identity is just a primary one). Feeling like no one understands him, checked (a specific example eludes me, but in general, some of Mirai's behaviors tend to leave people baffled; oh, and being an alien among all the humans probably reinforces that opinion about being different).

(So, in that scene where Mirai practically demanded that George give him some answers, I keep thinking pot calling kettle black. But of course, in his case, Mirai wouldn't tell people they wouldn't understand him. Like I said elsewhere, George has a way of needling people. Some, like Ryuu, would totally fall for it. Some, like Mirai (and I'm saying this not because he's an alien and therefore impervious to subtle insults, but because of his good-hearted nature), would totally be immune.)

And the captain? I really should try to go through the series and compile the captain's pearls of wisdom. What Sakomizu said to Ryuu wasn't exactly anything ground breaking, but it was, IMHO, such a good solid common sense advice that I think people probably need to be reminded once in a while. It is so true that sentient beings, whether humans or aliens, cannot thoroughly understand one another. I think that is largely in part because their experiences, their backgrounds are not the same, thus how they feel about the same thing could be totally different. For example, the thing that is important to Ryuu (Serizawa) is immaterial, simply a mean to an end to Tsurugi in episode 9.

Well, in conclusion, I wonder if George will ever get over the mental image he has of not being a team player. True, he did say something to the effect of it was nice to be in a team at the end of the episode, but I still wonder if he'll continue to sometimes look down with hopefully a good-natured contempt on his teammates. Because, while George's attitude of superiority could be somewhat annoying, I'll be the first to admit that he is not simply boastful, he actually has a reason to be proud. After all, his special ability, of being able to see in different directions at once, is real.
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