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I don't presently see the light at the end of ULTRASEVEN X...


It occurs to me, I didn't see him transform in this episode. Been a while so I don't remember if off-camera transformation happened before. Looking at it casually, it is possible that someone who had seen only this episode might not even realize who the host for Seven X was. So Elea (the mysterious girl) obligingly filled the viewer in with her talk to Jin, that he saved that alien by killing it.

(And Jin, just forget trying to get answers from Elea. Or at least try something more creative than "tell me, who am I?" Still, perhaps persistence did pay off, after all, for, while she was still rather oblique, she did tell him more than usual.)

I love the memory manipulation in the episode, even though the alien only used it on itself. I had a thought that those white, dream like scenes weren't real (probably an influence from the time I watched UM NEXUS), but I still hadn't guessed at the ultimate secret they hid. Nope, I'm not saying what the secret was. (Translation: I'm a lazy reviewer. But I don't think I would be able to do justice to the intricate plotline in this episode anyway even if I were inclined to review it more thoroughly. NEXUS has some similar plotlines, but perhaps more simplistic.)


SEVEN X the show doesn't really need Seven X the Ultra. I've said that more than once, so I accept the format and try to be patient when it doesn't have Seven X fighting all that much.

That said, episode 9 is rather confusing. Either that, or I was just in a really stupid trance at the time I watched it because all the scientific talk (about water and such; I suspect some of it was made up) totally lost me. Nevertheless, this episode is sad, very sad. Hassei Takano (whom I know best as the human form of Ultraman Agul, but he had other toku roles) made an appearance as the brother of Nozomu, the MOTW. (Well, the MOTW did get some development, but I felt kind of detached from his backstory from 100 years ago. And, IMO, the girl kind of asked for her deserved fate. Seriously, didn't she have any faith in her lover?) I confess that I didn't recognize Takano by myself; I've heard he had a guest spot, so I knew to look for him. As for the other guest, whose appearance in the episode I had no idea of beforehand, I recognized his voice right away, even before I saw him. Matsunaga's actor (from NEXUS) sure has a very distinctive voice (to me).

Seven X hesitated to kill MOTW and it had to be K who kept telling him over and over to just shoot the monster. I don't really know what to think. On one hand, it's nice to know our hero doesn't kill so indiscriminately. But on the other hand, doesn't his conscience come a little too late, after killing monsters without a thought for the past eight episodes? But I still think the whole thing is a tragedy that need not happen at all, save for a girl's insecurity. Perhaps that is why I think it is so sad, since the tragedy could have been easily prevented in the first place. It wasn't like someone from the outside was attacking them.

(I guess I just don't understand nor can relate with the whole insecurity business. I am a loner so kind of detached and don't consciously crave any kind of approval. Or at least, if I unconsciously do, not at the point that it would inconvenience other people. There is nothing I dislike more than compelling people to do something that they may not wish to do but do so just out of politeness.)

That was a little underhanded of the brother to borrow our heroes' hands in eliminating MOTW. But I sort of understand and don't judge him, much. It's the kindest ending possible anyway, for strangers, rather than Nozomu's own brother, to end his tormented life.

I want to write about episodes 10 and 11 too, but I think they are better reviewed together with episode 12 (which I haven't yet seen) as well.
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