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Would you mind repeating that?

(Something I would want to say in Mirai's place in episode 20. Either that, or I just run out of titles.)

Episode 21 of Mebius is released, and since I love that episode, I think I would just get episode 20 out of the way. I spent far too much time on it and got too little out anyway.

About two weeks or so back, when I wrote this post and the comment in it, I didn't even realize how much of what I talked about there could be applied to episode 20. At the risk of repeating myself, I really don't like seeing Mirai being made fun of. I admit that perhaps personal preference/bias might come into play to a certain extent, but I never once believe that Mirai is--how shall I say it--not so bright. He obviously can learn things fast when he needs to. That he doesn't seem to catch on everything here probably implies that he never feels the need to learn. Perhaps, to Mirai, the ability to comprehend some puzzling human behaviors doesn't seem important because it does not mean the difference between life and death. It might sound even a little selfish, but he probably reasons that he is just a temporary visitor, that he would return to his home soon enough, so he doesn't necessarily press people (humans) to explain themselves to him. (Sure, he did ask (indirectly perhaps) about the reason the interview was bad, but no one seriously enlightened him, and while I don't think he had really accepted their answer, he didn't seem inclined to pursue the matter further. I have no idea whether because he didn't want to be seen with so little clue, or because he didn't want to make them (more?) suspicious, or for some other reason obvious only to the Mebius script writers.) Or maybe an occasion never really arises before where Mirai's lack of understanding would be put on display.

Don't get me wrong, though. I don't mean that Mirai is completely dismissing human society. Mirai does try to learn to fit in, but he seems to put priority on things, and working in GUYS simply take most of his time, that it doesn't much leave him with much time for social life, or an attempt to have one, so to speak. Not having anyone to teach him the way of human doesn't help either. And it would get suspicious anyway if someone who doesn't know about Mirai were to have that honor. The captain does his best, but at the end of the day, he cannot look out for Mirai around the clock.

With that said, I did laugh at Mirai's reactions at the beginning. He was just too unconsciously comical. How sad it is that I was both sad and amused when seeing Mirai displaying his ignorance? And Toriyama? Your speech writer/PR person, if you have one, totally sucked and should be replaced right away. Seriously, dealing with the media should be child's play compared to trying the save the world from monsters. Well, what can I say other than I suppose it is a good thing that GUYS don't need to depend on Toriyama for much of anything except for being their resident comic relief? Toriyama should be glad he is just a fictional character in a show that doesn't always take itself seriously, because, with his level of incompetence, he would never have lasted even half as long in his job in real life, or in a more serious fictional show.

Looking at this, it's obvious I've pretty much lost track of the point I think I'm trying to make...
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