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I just looked at the photo book again and realized that I had forgotten to watch the DVD included with it. It is a 'making of mirai' DVD, about 12 minutes long, and except for Shunji Igarashi's comments at the beginning and the end, there is not much talking (for which I'm glad because I can enjoy watching it with my limited Japanese). The camera basically followed Igarashi as he went to different locations (sorry if this is redundant; this is my first time buying any type of photo book). They put in an ultraman related event (Ultra P?) at the end of the DVD where Mirai Hibino made a publicity appearance (and did a transformation sequence with a prop Mebius brace).

In additions to all the great pictures of Iga (loved the ones of his in sunglasses; I've wanted to see a megane Iga and these are probably as close as I can get) and the Mebius movie behind the scenes pictures, the book also includes 100 question-and-answer boxes where Iga answered in his own handwriting (I think; the answers look hand-written in any case). I may be totally wrong, but he seems to talk about his mother, father and an older brother. He also mentions some Ultraman related stuff. I only recognized the name Ultra Seven somewhere in there and Mebius episode 22 (I love this episode). Well, most of the questions are short enough that I may try to look up their meanings at least.

Tags: shunji igarashi, ultraman mebius
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