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Update on what I watch

(Seems like a long time since I last made a fandom-related post. Anyway, I'm alive and well, only that I have limited time on the computer (we have only one desktop at my house), let alone the internet.)

I spent a week re-watching Ultraman Tiga on and off, mainly because I have it on DVDs and it was the convenient way to test my new DVD player. (Off tangent: I want to (re-)start watching KR Hibiki (left off at about episode 7 or 8 when it first aired) but I misplace my discs. Also, I want to watch the subbed Mebius episodes and the new KR Kiva episodes, but my slow internet connection makes downloading files a nightmare. If downloading 2 mb took me 20 minutes (and in the end I didn't even get that file), I think I would rather give up without trying. There are plenty of other things to do, though, so I'm not exactly complaining.)

Now, I love Tiga. Unreasonably so, mostly because the human leads are extremely cute. And canon without me having to write fanfic. And I like practically all other characters (with the exception of one or two, but they hardly make appearances so I just pretend they don't exist). I wonder if everyone will come back for the new 2008 movie (probably not possible, but I like to dream anyway). The series does start off rather slow, even for me, but it gets better and better. I just couldn't stop until I finished the Final Odyssey (the 2000 Tiga movie) earlier this evening.

I'll probably write a more proper post on this series after Sunday. Will be going out of town with family tomorrow, so I'm excited. :)
Tags: 2008 ultraman movie, real life, ultraman tiga
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